Safety fund?

Every time there is a tragic accident in racing, people get on here and say we need to do something. It’s forgotten in a few months. I know when the young boy died at Auburndale there were quite a few who suggested HANS devices. Some even mentioned buying some for new drivers. Well, I know a young man who’s planning on running at BRP for the first time this week and he was looking to borrow a neck brace. I advised him to get a HANS, which he can’t afford. I then suggested he try to borrow one, but I know he probably won’t. Anyone up to getting a small fund together to buy a few we could loan out on a temporary basis? I know it would probably require a helmet also. Ideas anyone. I figure now is a good time because we have the chance to do something before it happens, rather than saying: “someone should do something”, after.

I spoke up

After that accident…I do not have time to do any leg work but I got the first $50. Just let me know…

Count me in for $100.00 / Just let me know where to send it. OSF

Great idea.

Excellent idea. Tracks should pass a fund like that around in the pits… Drivers helping drivers . one buck from everyone would raise enough for a loaner for the track

Thanks for the support folks. Let’s see if we can get some more interest.


This back up…It should be important to us all…

Not a bad way to handle the other half of the 50/50 monies.


Tracks continue to let drivers race without the proper safety equipment, purely based on there own selfish greed. Try playing football without a helmet, or baseball with out a helmet, at any level. It does not happen, because they have safety rules!!! I am sorry, but if u can’t afford good safety equipment, do not race, wait till you can. Nobody should die at any racetrack anymore, period. Last race I was at, I saw no safety inspection. Seat belts are not being checked, helmets are not being checked? Tracks can not leave safety up to all the drivers, most drivers will put there safety first, but some do not, due to cost or pure stupidity.

Winger, please tell your young friend to wait until he has a Hans devise, good helmet and fire suit, before he races.

When I raced 20 years ago, my seat belts and helmet was checked for dates at least once a month, they would even inspect the roll cage and welds, and that was here in Florida. I saw a mini stock three weeks ago, that was so unsafe, I could not believe it!! Problem is nobody cares until somebody gets hurt, then they only care for a few weeks, then it is business back to normal, no safety inspections.

Well, I agree in part with TurnLeft… it is the driver/owner that is responsible for “Their” safety… and tracks should not allow anyone race without the proper safety items/procedures in place.
With that said… I would think “If” the tracks conducted “Safety” checks and tagged a car as “Safe” and allowed it to race and something happened that caused a terrible injury or death due to one of those safety items/procedures, the Lawyers would come knocking like crazy… I am quite knowledgable about safety (retired National Safety Director), but I wouldn’t want the responsibilty to say this or that passed my inspection in a sport that involves speed as well as metal bending/crushing forces…OSF

I’ve been disappointed in the response to this message. Doug and Bob are about the only ones who truly support this. Bob, I agree the drivers are responsible for themselves. And I know how lawyers operate, but I’d think they’d have a stronger case if they showed the tracks did not even try to enforce any safety rules. Tracks have tech and they’ll disqualify you if you’re an inch to low or 2 ounces too light, but they’ll let you race with a motorcycle helmet, torn firesuits, roll cages that would bend if they’re hit by a mosquito, etc. They should at least set some safety standards and abide by them. Citrus used to have Danny at the track entrance and he’d stop people if they didn’t have gloves on. I don’t know if they still do that but that’s the type of thing to do. A lot of drivers don’t use gloves. I don’t know if that’s a dirt thing or what. Anyways, I was hoping there would be some interest. Personally, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I have nothing to win or lose but I hate to see needless injury and death. This year has shown us how even the best drivers with the best safety equipment can be hurt. We’ll all be talking again when there’s another death here. I just hope it isn’t someone I know. How’s that for being selfish? I hope it isn’t a car flying into spectators either.

If (I don’t) I had a kid who sat down with me and convinced me he wanted to race and if I agreed, I would do this the next morning.

  1. Buy him/her a HANS device, gloves, etc.
  2. Then IF I had enough $ left over and ONLY after number 1, look for a car.

[QUOTE=Lizzard;133290]If (I don’t) I had a kid who sat down with me and convinced me he wanted to race and if I agreed, I would do this the next morning.

  1. Buy him/her a HANS device, gloves, etc.
  2. Then IF I had enough $ left over and ONLY after number 1, look for a car.[/QUOTE]

Winger I think your heart is in a fantastic place on this, but I have to agree with this post. We don’t need “safety equipment welfare.” We need people to understand that buying the stuff is just as important as buying tires or fuel.


I agree with that also. But, there would be no racing in Florida if that was the only criteria used. Hell, how can you expect drivers to be on top of things when the tracks aren’t? Like I said before, I don’t have a dog in the fight. I just hate to see needless deaths and injuries.

Like the previous posted said. Your heart is good.

But, I disagree with the statement “Hell, how can you expect drivers to be on top of things when the tracks aren’t?”

Who cares what the tracks require. I care about MY BEAN first. It is kind of like seat belts. Do you wear one because you might get a ticket if you don’t?

Or do you wear one because you THINK it might help when you eventually crash?

I can’t disagree with any of that either. But each person needs to be responsible for their own safety. Heck when it the last time a track looked at how someone’s belts or even seat is mounted? I know mine have never once been checked.