Full Throttle Speedway 8-31

Open Wheels will be on slicks starting the 31st


James Carter Attorney at Law
Open Wheel Modified 50

$1200.00 to Win (subject to car count)
OWM will be on Slicks

Take Aim Gun Range Late Model Sportsman 40
$800.00 to Win (subject to car count)

J.D. Byrider Pro Trucks 40
$800.00 to Win (subject to car count)

Legends 35 lap National Qualifier

Road Warriors (regular 25 lap race)

Q Auto & Injury Junk Yard Dogs

Why post the purse if you put subject to car count? Doing this will discourage drivers of coming.

And track owners wonder

why cars will not come out to race at their track.

Unless their is guaranteed money posted, dont expect to see alot of cars