Coming into the area this weekend and doing something I never thought I would ever do again? Seeing some racing at Sunshine (Showtime) Speedway! With asphalt short track racing at near death status here in Georgia, looking forward to full fields and grandstands!

Welcome back, it should be a good night. The sprint car races have been very entertaining, and this one will be no different. I really like the Showtime mini stocks too. They are plentiful, and run two classes each night.

Great night at Showtime Speedway. The facility may be slightly more rustic than I recall from my last visit (probably 8 years ago), but obvious work is taking place to improve the infrastructure.
Big, very enthusiastic and appreciative crowd in the grandstands. Including the 5 locals I brought with me who are not regular race fans, enjoyed the show.
Sprint cars on a 1/4 mile are the quintessential “jet fighters in a gymnasium”. Quite a sensory overload experience! 15 cars seemed to be the perfect number on a track this size and even though there was virtually no passing during the feature, watching the frontrunners dart between the lapped cars was entertaining. Huge roar from the crowd greeted the winner as he exited his ride.
Big numbers in the front wheel drive and street stock divisions. These type of cars have pretty much vanished on the 1/2 mile tracks in the Georgia and Alabama asphalt scene. Good to see “affordable” racing is still a priority with some race tracks, as promoters in my area seem only impressed with toter home rigs and super late models, hence the 3 car support division races you see covered on Speed 51’s coverage.
Yoho runs the show like a field general, from a roving position in the infield. He seems genuinely concerned with keeping the show fluid and although a few drivers were furious with his judgement calls, he is available for an immediate face to face with the disgruntled.
The west Florida racing scene takes a ton of criticism on the board, but there are a lot of positives. Showtime seems to be thriving, Full Throttle is on the upswing, Punta Gorda may be coming back, East Bay has always been a great place. Get on out and support!