A Bit of ASA Trivia

Check out this photo of Bob Seelman who was better known as a Sprint and Supermodified driver. This car was built per a deal with Rex Robbins of ASA, Seelman and the Experimental Engineering department of Oldsmobile. It was a test bed for what became the ASA Gran Marque series. It is an Olds Omega steel body with fiberglass fender flares on the right side because it was built on a Port City offset frame. The car had an Olds V-6 that was 300 cubic inches. This photo was taken at Milwaukee. The car never actually appeared in the official rundowns of the races it was entered in because Robbins asked the team to run five shows with it for a flat guaranteed start fee. They started all races at the back and did not run all the laps per the agreement with ASA. Back in the day when race cars looked like what they were supposed to be…

Agree with you Dave!!

rex was a man with great vision he new way back then what direction he was headed and was a great promotor they sure taught a lot of racers how to run long races