Finally made the trip back to Citrus last night and i found some pro’s and con’s.


Racing action was really good side by side racing at its finest.
Track surface allows 2 wide racing
Food was good
Made it back to Ocala by 11:30pm
Track crew was very good at getting the limited number of wrecks cleaned up in a timely manner.


Way too much downtime between races fans were yelling at one point to get things moving.
Announcer seems like a nice guy but he couldn’t even get some of the drivers names right.
Double file restarts in the truck race either someone needs to get with them on the correct procedure or something. The 3rd and 4th place and sometimes 5th place trucks shouldn’t be jumping to the 1st and 2nd rows on a restart.

Overall it was a good experience and i know Gary just took over. It does look to me like he might have to make quite a few changes to personel imo. Well worth the price of admission for the racing alone.

That is the correct procedure on the re starts. To promote double file re starts you can stay in line or jump to the outside when the leader crosses the start finish line with the one to go green flag. So you can advance some spots on the outside if you are not scared of falling way back in the field on the re start. Hope that clears that up for you on the double file re starts. :ernaehrung004:

This was the first night of my new job as the announcer at Citrus County Speedway. As you may well imagine when you are new to a track it is a challenge to keep all of the car numbers and drivers names straight.

It was also the first night for the new promoter of Citrus County Speedway, Gary Laplant. He’d be the first to admit that we did not have a picture perfect night and there are areas that must be worked on to assure a smooth race program for fans who attend. He is determined to restore Citrus County Speedway to the once great stature it had.

Thanks for the “nice guy” comment. As I get more and more acclimated to the cars and drivers I am sure I will at least meet with the goal being to exceed your expectations.


Anything we can do to help when the FUP Series is there, let us know. Please contact me for driver info, series sponsors, etc…
Rick Williams
FUPS Racing, LLC

John Berti IS a great guy… Was named Northeastern Short Track Announcer of the Year in 1936… plus, any guy who owns an Edsel can’t be all bad!

John i really wasn’t meaning any insult by it and i didnt know it was your first full night. One thing i did love about your announcing style was that you insisted that the drivers name their sponsors. Also i knew it was Gary’s first night so i just thought i would post as a fan how my perspective was.

No offense taken. It’s always nice to hear back from fans about their feelings both good and bad, it’s how a track knows what areas to work on. Thank you so very much and by all means continue to speak you mind.

[QUOTE=Rick Williams;133441]Anything we can do to help when the FUP Series is there, let us know. Please contact me for driver info, series sponsors, etc…
Rick Williams

Is it possible to get a roster up to the announcer’s booth for each FUPS division that will be racing this coming Saturday night (9/14) at CCS that would include car number, driver, where the driver is from and sponsors of the race car? That would be so helpful.