Pro Truck Rolling Chassis $2000

Truck rolling chassis $2000

New brakes(pads,calipers,rotors), new springs, and new shocks all installed by AMF. Truck needs to gone through and finished. The truck used to be Tyler Langs Dodge. AMF updated the frontend, shock mounts, and intsalled chevy motor mounts earlier this year. Truck needs motor, tranny, driveshaft, seat, and body finish.

Truck has coleman hubs, ford floater rearend, atl fuel cell, collapsable steering shaft… Nicely built!

Pic of rearend

Willing to trade also…

pro truck

how do i get ahold of you call me 4073836005

what are you wanting to trade it for?

Not picky on trade as long as its a good deal. I really dont need anything else but understand that its hard to come up with cash. Let me know what you got! I will call you in the morning racer.

1500.00 cash, bring it to me


Ill give u $1600 call me

TTT! Never got a chance to get to AMF…

Tons of emails and calls but no one has the money… Im too busy to take it over to AMF…

Truck sold!