Andy S. in the news

Former KARNAC member Andy Sandall is featured today in the Daytona News Journal.

Great story. Great guy.

And as Rush would say “Ditto” on that… Andy also happens to be the author of some of the best written articles on short track racing I have ever read. I have sat beside him during races (talking back and forth), the next morning, I would read a “Re-cap” of the races written so well I could have enjoyed his version as well as seeing it in person, (never could figure out how he accomplished his wonderful writings as he never took notes!)…A great person to consider a friend. OSF (Boneman also fits into that catagory)

To quote OSF and Rush…

-Ge Um-

I remember when Andy used to write race summaries for this message board. I don’t think I’ve read better summaries by paid newspaper writers. Andy’s were simply the best I’ve ever read. And I really miss them. We’ve never met in person, but it was neat to be able to put a face with Andy’s name.

Hey Andy!

Great article! Andy, the cheapest way to race at Daytona is actually Chumpcar. We may have an open spot if you’re interested.