NSS pro late rules?

What are the rules for a limited without a spec motor to run with the pro lates

somebody must know the rules?

Here is a link to the Pro Late Model Rules for 2013:


Saw those rules, there is nothing there about a two barrel motor? Want to bring a car to pro late races but need to know what the weight would be ? Do we need a chip? Can we run straight up with a two barrel ? Can we run a four barrel with restrictor?

The only person that can answer specific questions like that would be our Competition Director Ricky Brooks. 850-324-6821

If he does not answer please leave a message and he will get back to you.

last I knew a 2bbl and stock front clip was illegal thats why I had to buy a new car but then they changed it know they will let you run the stock front clip and a spec motor but call Ricky as Mark said to make sure