Larry Shaw OWM - Genesis Shocks - RD Engine

Larry Shaw OWM (less then 2 seasons)
-Low Drag QuickChange
-Bert Ball spline
-Genesis Shocks
-Landrum Springs
-TearDrop Fuel Cell
-OutPace Bars and Heims
-RD Engines (Eastbay Motor)

This car is top of the line with multiple Feature Wins and Ready to Win again!

$16,500 Race Ready!


to the top!!!

Make OFFER! Willing to seperate Engine and Car!

would you be intrestred in trading roller for roller on a super nice hobby stock

No sir… Thanks for the offer!

How much for just the roller

Roller without seat, shocks, motor, tranny… $9000

Any interest in a racing win car?

Still for Sale!