Howe Hyd throwout bearing

Howe Hyd Throwout bearing. This was installed in car, but never run, just like new with bleeder hose. Bearning is 125.00 new.
$75.00 727-236-0249

Throw out bearing

Still for sale, just like new.

Will it fit stock Saginaw ? Location?

throw out bearing

It will fit on the shaft of a saginaw, but I don’t think it will work with a stock clutch. The part number is HOWE 8288 if you want to research it a little more. I’m in New Port Richey.


does this work for a 5.5 in. clutch and a richmond


I think it should work fine according to this.
Howe 8288 - Howe Hydraulic Throwout Bearings & Components Details
Throwout Bearing

1.8 lbs.
Billet Housing
Travel: .375"
Compressed Length: 2.375"
Extended Length: 2.750"
Works with reduced diameter racing clutches (Tilton & Quarter Master 5.5" & 7.25", and Ram Assault Weapon 2 & 3 Disk 1996 & newer)
Use optional bleeder kit 505-8289 to allow bleeding from outside the bell-housing
Will Not work with stock clutch or Ram coupler


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Still brand new, and still for sale.