Gov. Cup BBQ......

For the umpteenth year in a row, we will be having a BBQ out in the parking lot all afternoon on Saturday prior to the Gov Cup race at New Smyrna. I start cooking & drinking around 1:00 or so, and don’t usually end until near sun-up on Sunday.

Come on out, meet some old friends and make some new ones. We all tell stories, and some outright lies… But we do have FUN.

I normally cook a bunch of chicken, but if you’d like to bring your own vittles, I’d be glad to burn it up for you. Side dishes or snacks are appreciated, but NOTHING is required… but your presence is requested.

Hope to see a BUNCH of you all there. Bring a camper, a tent, or a blanket for the back seat, and make a weekend out of it…!

I will try and stop by again this year. I can’t wait fir this race.

There were several years when the party started on Friday afternoon and went to Sunday morning! We’ve had a few laughs along the way, that is for sure. Remember the year when I raced my orange car on Friday, then drove it over to the party on Saturday before racing in another class that night? That was a good year…

I have a favor to ask of this years guests at Frassapooloza. I’m going to be racing at Full Throttle Speedway, but there will still be a sprint car at NSS on display Saturday night. Tommy Rose with his #56 is coming to set up by the concession stands to publicize our TBARA race. Tommy will be parking his trailer in the spectator lot near the party, and unloading his racecar there. It looks like he will be by himself, so I would really appreciate it if a few of you could put down your beer for a minute and help him push the car into position. And please try not to cover it with wing sauce.

He has an enclosed trailer with a “56” on the side. I’d really appreciate it!

Sure thing Rex. Bobby’s Dad Tommy, is a former Supermod racer from the Buffalo area, and a guest at past Reunions. Very nice group of people and I’ll do anything I can to help them out.

And if the Sprint car show doesn’t work out, sure would love to see you make it. After all, who’s gonna take the picture evidence of the inevitable comedy show of “pitching a tent while hammered” …?

If I decide to go I’ll be there around 3-3:30 as I have a tour to give at the Archives from 1-2… Hoping I’ll have the money for a ticket by then LOL…

Virginia is making 5 pounds of tator salad now.:huepfen024:
See youse there…

the picture evidence of the inevitable comedy show

I still have those pictures. Be careful what you wish for!

Looking back…it was damn funny.

Can’t wait to get to Jerry’s “World Famous” BBQ tomorrow. Me and a crew guy will be making the long trek from Port Richey in the A.M… Sounds like this version of the famed Governor’s Cup will truly be epic with all of the heavy hitters that will be competing. Watch out for Brad May in his new number 10 Super, yes Super Late Model. On a side note if anyone needs a ticket to the race I have an extra “discount” ticket I will be selling at the BBQ for $25 ($30 at the gate). I’ll even eat service charge (as well as Jerry’s food!). Hell, it’s like getting a beer for free! Rumor has it the BBQ will be at the north end of the parking lot. See you there! :ernaehrung004:


I’ll take that ticket off your hands, for sure! See me at the bbq, r.

I’m so pissed that a friends daughter chose this day to get married! Was really looking forward to this race. I’m still trying to figure out a LIE to come up with…

Bummer RSB… was looking forward to seeing you. It’s been a long time now.

Packing up right now, headed to store then meat market. Probably be there around 12:30.

See you all there. Look for the bronze colored Ford Explorer near the trees to the left side of the grandstand ticket booth (look near the end of the privacy fence).

Just want to thank Jerry for the awesome BBQ last night. Chicken and Hot Dogs were outstanding! And to Jim Higganbotham’s wife Virginia, what do I have to do to bribe you to get the recipe for that Potato Salad? It was the best I have ever eaten in my life. YUM! It was really cool to meet Jerry, Dave Westerman, Old Sunshine Fan and a few others (sorry I forgot your names, lotsa Yuenglings were going down). I want to apologize to AB195 for not saving you that ticket. I never went back online to see your message before I headed to NSS. But I have to tell you, you are a great person for rescuing that beautiful Husky despite him being an adult deaf dog with his other handicaps. As much as I love racing, I love my rescue dogs too. Also a big thanks to my friend Don Stamford for saving us some prime grandstand seats! One of the coolest parts of the night was meeting one of my childhood heroes, Northeastern Modified Legend Leo Cleary. Thanks for a great evening and I’ll see y’all at the Modified Reunion during the World Series. Hopefully NSS will throw a Sportsman race on the card and I’ll be able to race too! :ernaehrung004: