No more E-Mods at OSW

According to their facebook page there is no more E-Mods this year or next year.

I’m going to miss you Orlando Speed World !

well thanks for the heads up. now that just made it easy for me to make my decision on future racing good luck OSW:anim_buttkick: you will need it.

What are they going to run just the junker classes? Where did you find next years schedule? I looked on fasebook and all I see is old stuff.

The following comments are not directed towards OSW, but more of a general statement towards the Florida asphalt racing scene over the past 5-10 years…

Annnddddddd this is why our mod is a dust collector. Been saying for years if they want to fix the mod’s, stick with ONE frikking sensible engine rules package and KEEP it for more than a year or two.

Car counts are already LOW, so I have an idea - let’s divide the classes even MORE by adding two motor rules!

I knew better than to go buy a 4k crate motor for this reason…

The E-mod class was a good idea, but the fact is that it just has not taken off. For years Orlando ran too many 3-5 car classes. How can they rebuild if they keep doing the same thing? It would be a shame to lose Roger (ss14) because he has been a dependable supporter of the track. He brings good looking, competitive cars. so I hope he can find a new place to fit at the track.

This will be great for nss all the e mods will be there should be the biggest class there I plan on running all my cars there as much as I can. only down side was just finishing up a bandalero for my daughter so guess I will have to sell it .

I was at NSS last night, the other tracks in Florida better watch out, the improvements were amazing. Speedworld im afraid is done . Only thing Id like to see a a ambulance that can transport injured people from the track . Lets all keep Ricky Brooks in our thoughts and prayers.

Yea I agree with the NSS thing. not only I won’t be going back to osw but I also had my cousin racing there he will follow me as well to NSS .and he just put a e mod togehter tried to make it the 50 lapper at NSS didn’t have car ready so he will be ready now .

Posted on Facebook under Orlando Speedworld:

ATTTENTION DRIVERS **** THIS WEEKS 11/2/13 PRO LATE MODEL RACE WILL BE FOR POINTS, ALL OTHER DIVISIONS ENDED 10/26/13 WITH POINTS AND WILL BE POSTED MID WEEK. ( E-mods and Mini-Fours do not run the rest of the year and WILL NOT be on next years schedule )

I said it before the “Ozzie era” and I’ll say it again, the toilet bowl has finally been flushed. EVERYBODY saw this coming. Ozzie got his greasy little hands on what he wanted so screw everybody else. Guess Bithlo will have a new Wal-Mart!

I really thought the emods would take off a little more than they did too. Time will tell, I just don’t think there are enough mod’s to support both. I hope I’m wrong and the counts improve. Dropping money on a different engine package on a “hope” doesn’t make me feel warm-n-fuzzy.

He cannot sell it. Remember it is a 20 year lease with Robert Hart. From what I understand he really only wanted the Draaaaag Strip anyway and probably as long as it makes enough to pay the lease and put some in his pocket so much for the circle track. It’s been said time and time again drag racers think they are above us roundy round racers. I was one of them at one time.

Well all you have to do is go back and look at past results the emod s have had more cars then the big motor mods have had in the past on a regluar race night and thats a fact. I am also building a new mod to be a big motor mod since I have one new built motor left I figure when that motor goes I will turn it into a emod as well I am not building anymore big motors not worth it. I rather spend 3,200 then about 18,000

It’s all over but the crying.

Cover it with dirt.

Then race on it.

Osw Rember

OSW was the track with all the cars for years.
I rember the car counts in the 80s at 175 when most of the tracke then had 75.
Sunshine would have 200 then.
In 2000- 2004 the counts were over 100 and a few times over 150.
A big count at NSS would be 100 in those years. there max was 120.
Been watching the counts go down at OSW CCS NSS DS and go up at Alburndale in the past few years.
Bronson??? u got to be kidding me…LOL
Looks like YOHO has a fair count at St Pete
Lake City has not changed in the past 5 years.The Fords have done good to keep it…

There have been a lot of new promoters getting lessons this season. Now lets they have learned and wall save the sport that I love so much

hang in there



OSW is done as an asphalt track. The racing program has been run in the ground too many years. The track has the stigmatism of the Crash-A-Rama buses and spray painted cars and trucks. The local racing fans have moved on to other entertainment venues. They value their dollar and have not seen quality racing in many years.

It will take somebody with deep pockets to restore asphalt racing there. Big purses will attract cars and expensive advertising and promotion will attract fans. Who in there right mind will invest that kind of money in OSW ? It has to be done all at once. You can’t up the purse to attract cars without attracting fans to bring in revenue to support the show. It’s all or nothing. This back gate funding is a poor business model. I think it’s been well proven to be the recipe for any tracks decline.

If OSW went dirt, it might be the thing to rejuvenate the local fans. Dirt track racing is a more exciting show for the average fan. They like the sliding, passing, and rubbing. Remember the crowds at Melborne ? It was in a field and had more cars and fans than OSW has seen in a long time.

Junker classes? you mean the classes the crowd comes to see lol…Idiot:anim_buttkick:

The strictly stocks have always had decent car counts and good racing. Not so impressed with calling them Junkers, or bombers. They should call them something that gives them a better reputation.

Contrary to popular beleif there are a lot of people that do come out to watch the high level cars/classes. But I don’t see that happening out there with any class (people coming). You are a Idiot also

I know a LOT of race fans around the state, and around the country… Not ONE of them is wondering where the next Bomber or Strictly Stock race is gonna be. They ask about Late Models, Sprints and Modifieds.

To say that those ‘entry level’ classes are “what the crowd comes to see” is a ridiculous statement.