Battle at the Beach IS returning

And, yes it is at Daytona again. Earliest reports are it will be the same format as last year, running Monday and Tuesday nights.

Although it didn’t go over very well last year with fans, I’ll be there again to see a bunch of racers I probably won’t see again the rest of the year.

Too bad… Was hoping to see it at nss

That’s NASCRAP for ya.

[QUOTE=katlizy;135866]Too bad… Was hoping to see it at nss[/QUOTE]

Based on the comments at the end of that autoweek article so would everyone else

BS like this is why I don’t even know who won yesterday or even who’s leading the chase for the championship… NASCAR left me cold years ago.

Well I guess NA$CAR wanted to keep all of the money from this event instead of doing the right thing for the racers. Last years event was a debacle and I expect this version to be no different without any changes announced. I won’t be spending any of my money at the “Big Track” this year. I’ll be going over to that reinvented jewel of a speedway, New Smyrna. I’d rather watch “real” racing on a “real” racetrack. Also, major kudos to the Hart family for the major improvements to NSS for the sole reason of making the racing better for IT’S fans and Competitors and not doing it just to appease NA$CAR. :ernaehrung004:

2 thumbs up Scott. Robert has REALLY stepped up as a track owner, and every year I see major improvements, not little ones like maybe mowing the lawn. Bit by bit, NSS is becoming a first class facility.

Right on, Jerry. In it’s current state NSS is head and shoulders above every other track in the state. The only thing left to do to the old gal now is fix that *#@^& scoreboard in turn 2! (They also need to make more Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches. They were sold out by the time I went for one!)

I think there is a lot more to do than that. The lights were a big improvement but they have a lot more improvements they could make that would not cost much money at all, at least compared to the lights. The restroom situation in and out of the pits is unacceptable. The fact that the scoreboard did not work at the biggest race of the year is another obvious one. They also need a better sound system, the only people that can hear anything are the people in the center section of the grandstands. It may be better than the other tracks, but that doesn’t say much to me, maybe I expect too much.

That being said I do wish the battle at the beach had been moved there because it is my home track. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope some more improvements are made for next year and they are just trying to do as much as they can at one time. Its just funny how you guys say they made so many improvements when they really only made one. Maybe you are being sarcastic and I am missing it.

Pensacola is still in FL!

Battle 2014

Frasson, don’t hold your breath,

I thought NASCAR had rules about track conflicts that would protect their member tracks. I guess they just don’t apply to the France family. I truly resent NASCARS intrusion into the peripheral short track racing during speedweeks. Speedweeks is not jut about NASCAR, it is about the total racing activity and the ability of racing fans to experience the greatest variety of motorsports venues in a very small geographical area in a condensed time frame. I hope NASCAR chokes on their greed someday.

Pensacola (5Flags Speedway) does host a bigger race, but it isn’t a ‘nicer’ facility than New Smyrna.

I have to disagree. I’ll tell you why.

  1. The infield at Five flags is mostly grass, then it has the paved roads going through it. People stick to the paved part, and work in the grass. It makes for MUCH less shit on your tires, truck, trailer, etc when you go out and in the pits. NSS is a mixture of dirt, rocks, screws, rivets, old pieces of pavement, etc. It creates dust everywhere, and the upper deck is even worse. I’ve had several flats at NSS, never had one at Five Flags.
  2. The restrooms are not much nicer, but during the Derby, the Portables are cleaned out I believe every night. At the Governors Cup they weren’t cleaned once the entire time. By the time we left Saturday night you could smell them from a mile away, I couldn’t even go in them, I pissed in the woods.
  3. Five flags Scoreboard shows qualifying times, and it ALWAYS works during the race.
  4. The stands are nicer at Five Flags.
  5. The sound system is better at Five Flags.

I’ve been to both places many times. It wouldn’t take much to make NSS as nice, especially now that they have the lighting taken care of, but the infield is a big problem in my opinion.

Disagree on the stands…nss stands have waaaayy more legroom than five flags. The old ones are kinda similarly shitty in both.

Pits at five flags have a tendency to hold water…muddy as hell at times.

The scoreboard doesn’t work ?? I’ll bet that made the fans ( and NASCAR ) happy. Need to get that taken care of if The Battle on The Track Apron is ever going to be run at NSS…


If New Smyrna paved the pits, and fixed the scoreboard, it could be one of the nicest short tracks in the country. It is real close now!!

I heard from a source who is a former NASCAR corp employee that the original plan was to tear down the backstretch stands at Daytona thus the battle at the beach was possibly going to NSS…but construction on the front stretch is behind so they are leaving the backstretch stands to accommodate fans for February (should make for some pissed off people)

Thats at least 3rd or 4th person so don’t hold me to it…