Thank you. I'm moving on.

Well I truly feel like the “Suit Case Jake” of announcing. I will not be announcing anymore. Never say never. I do love announcing, so you never know what will happen in the future. I’m looking into some spring training baseball, little league with my son, or maybe get back into radio.

Just so that there are no RUMORS, I WILL NOT be going to any other track in the near future. I have been contacted by other tracks but have turned them down. Right now I will be concentrating on my family, work, and just having some fun being a spectator. I wish Dennis Meyer, and Don Cretty the best of luck.

I can’t speak for Kevin Williams, so this in my opinion. Kevin is gone from the track, and I am 100% positive it was not by his doing. Just because of things I heard behind his back! “Hey I’m the announcer, a lot don’t get by me”. Kevin is a racer first, and was good to the drivers and fans. All he ever wanted was to have a race track that everyone would be proud of. He was by far one of the best track owners and race directors I have worked with. We were getting there with PGS. So, when the ones you trust to have your back pull the wool over your eyes, there’s not much you can do. No names, you know who you are! Kevin, I thank your family and you. I am proud to call you my friend.

Thank you all.
Jason Beckner

Desoto Speedway!

Well there surely have been some changes. I personally will miss Kevin as we have been friends for many yrs. He has had some tough couple of yrs. and hopefully things will work out in his favor. He sure wont have much time to be bored. Thank you Kevin for your kindness!
Jason… will miss hearing your voice over the speakers Your sense of humor is awesome and I wish you the best.
Rick Anges… this has always been your baby… a mic at Desoto Speedway!.. you are back “home”. I remember one night there were only 3 or 4 four cylinders racing… to hear you announce seemed like there were 20! we were on the edges of our seats. Wish you the best…
I welcome Critter with open arms. He is amazing and I am so happy to welcome him to Desoto Speedway. Critter has been so kind to me and little bobby… a great guy!
Mike… the very best to you… Didint get to spend time with you but i know you gave it all you could. Your luck wasnt good but it really wasnt your fault.
Denny… dont think i know you but welcome aboard and the best to you!
Hopefully DESOTO SPEEDWAY will rise from the ashes and it wont ever rain on a Saturday night over DS!!!
God bless all of our team, the owners, the racers…Onward thru the fog!!!

Carol Wicks :auto003:

What a soap opera. As the Racetrack Turns…

In my one and only conversation with Critter, he earned respect from me. I think he has the integrity to run a respectable program. He has both the competitors and the FANS in mind.

Good combo…

There is a whole group of suitcase jakes wishing a certain political body would have left their home alone. Im with you Jason, racing just isnt what it used to be

Racing is STILL very good… IF you go to the right places.

There are far too many ‘wrong’ places in Florida. But a few still have their act together.