What happened to the F'ed Ups series???

So what is really happening??? It has been a smoke screen of lies to the competitors the last few races. They say in the drivers meeting that the tech guy could not make the 2 1/2 hrs drive due to the chance of rain on Saturday. There was 0% chance on Sunday. What was the problem then? And they say Rick Willians was sick. It is all BS. I personally saw Rick Williams that morning. Rick wasnt sick. He was heading his annual boat deal in the Keys. Why all the lies to the competitors? Rick could give a shit about this series! I was told weeks ago that the tech guy quit. Why don’t they just tell us the truth??? Hummmmm!!!

Rex Guy sat in our trailer and told me to my face that Rick Williams has nothing to do with the series. Rex said he put it all together and it has always been his series. He told me to my face that Rick Williams was his pee-on. He had a few other choice things to say about Rick also. Maybe that is why Rick is not around anymore. Now I hear the points fund dwindling. Some sponsors have backed out. Word on the street is that the banquet will not be in Jupiter Abicoa anymore either. The car count has cut in half and now the inmates are running the asylum. The series has turned into a big joke.

The tech guys have left the series so Rex is allowing a competitor in the series, Carl Greel, to run tech cause he can’t get anybody else. He is allowed to look at ALL their competitions equiptment. That’s Bull Shit!!! Carl Green is now changing the rules that the competition have run all year so that his vehicle has a competitive edge over the cometition. So now, tech with Rex and Carl is a circle jerk and they through George Gorham in as the pivot man. George was actuilly going to the competitors trailers before the race accusing them of cheating before they even entered track to race. That guy don’t have a clue how to tech and tech is WAY WAY above his pay scale. That Bull Shit red flag he through just before the start of the truck race just to check the two competitors that he accused of cheating blew up in his face when they both were found to be legal. Carl Green put him up to it because Carls truck has been getting his ass handed to him by those competitors.

So Carl, How did that work out for you??? LMAO!!! I heard you made one of the truck teams add 50lbs of lead to their truck right before qualifying because they were faster than your truck the last few races. Then that truck still sat on the pole with a new series track record!!! LMAO!!! Be careful what you wish for. In your face Carl!!!

To top it off. I have raced with several of the Carl Green’s crew members over the last 10-12 years. Some of them all the way back in karting. All of us have become friends over the years. They know me well. They are not happy with what is happening either. Just because you pay them, they still talk. Maybe you should pay them hush money?

Carl. I guess when you are cheating and are getting beat you think the people that are beating you are cheating more than you are. Carl Green. You should be half as embarrassed of yourself as your team members are embarrassed of you.

I have been keeping my mouth shut out of respect to my son and his team owner. But enough is enough!!!

Rick Williams. You were a friend to my family, a neighbor, and coach to our kids. I sometimes get your mail and you sometimes get mine. For you to threaten my son (in writing no less) with the lose of his entire year worth of FUPS points if he goes on social media and let this news out of the bag show just what type of chaciter and integrity you posess. You sir are a man among mice and you can shove those points up your ass sideways if you can get it past Rex Guy’s head.

What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. This shit is wrong.

Every party mentioned above know exactilly who I am and the facts I stated above. For those of you that don’t and need to talk to me about it feel free to call me.

Andrew Dunn

Hay guys and gal. I appreciate the half a dozen or so calls I have gotten the last few days. Some of the stories have been entertaining about A-dale!!! It seems most of the calls have a common denominator as to why they don’t attend or race at that track or f’ed UPs series anymore. The same common demominator that is in several of the threads below this one.

I did get one call this evening when I was leaving my project on Palm Beach. It was interesting to say the least. They were pretty mouthy and seemed to have quit an insight to all of the details of what happened that day. After a few threats I asked him several time what his name was. He would not tell me. LOL While I was on the phone with him my cell went dead and I had left my charger in my office. So being the kind of guy I am, not wanting to end a good conversation, I stopped and bought a charger. I redialed the number that called me, 863-280-6913. A recorder answered and low and behold guess who answered on the other end???

SPEEDWAY AUTO SALES??? I almost DIED laughing!!! Isn’t that the used car lot at Auburndale Speedway? Hummmmm

What the hell is wrong with those guys??? What do they think they are going to achieve by calling me and harassing me??? What do they think they are achieving by running off the fans and drivers???

I guess they will WIN when there are no fans of drivers left. They lost 8 more of those last week. We were going to run the truck and my super late model at the F’ed UPs finale but I’m sure somebody races trucks and supers on the same day somewhere else. I wonder where that could be??? We are a smaller team. When we race both car and truck we can only spend about $2200 on 2 sets of tires, fuel, race entry, gate and food at the track for a 3 day event. Nothing like the BIG teams spend that they have been running off. Yep, their winning!!! Winning big!!!

Like I have said before. I have been racing a long time and have even been a track owner also. In the past 38 years of racing I have never had a track that I said that I will NEVER step foot on that property again as long as the current management is there. I have no alturnitive but to start that list.

  1. Alburndale/Guy

So like I said above. Call me. But please, man up and at least tell me your name. Sorry ladies.


Andrew, the last time I set foot on that property was when I saw Rex Guy (track manager) high five a competotor for wrecking another. I dont know anything about your truck deal over there, but it sounds pretty real. The car count and fan count have been on a steady decline, due to all the mis-managment of the speedway. Vince

Oh, it’s real Vince. A lot of people on this site know me and were not there that day either but i keep getting calls about it. I got a call tonight from friend in tampa that came to see Dustin there for qualifying Saturday but didnt get to make it back on sunday for the race. They want me to keep them posted as to any updates. If you want the details give me a call.

It just bites. A team hired my son to drive the Fups truck series for them. We have put a full year into Rick Williams traveling series. We travel countless miles, to different tracks, the team owner spent tons of money, we had endless hours at thier race shop, 4-5 rainouts we traveled to $$$, not being refunded for Bronson, only to go to one of the last races of the year. None of the officials of the series show up. None!!! They let the track owner run the show. There was a bias call involving one of the track owners employees truck (the tech man). My son has one disagreement with the track owners race call and he yanks our points for the fast time pole award and our points for the race day.

It was one guy, one disagreement, no hollering, no cussing, no shoving, no nothing. and the team loses everything we worked for all year. It was all political and BS. It needs to be made right.

And then to top it off, the day after the race Rick Williams threatens my son to take all of our points for the ENTIRE YEAR if he goes on social media about any of this. And he did it in writing. Who the hell does he think he is? He would have freaked out if I had threatened hid daughter.

Anyway. I did get a call from Rex Guy today. After the nasty voice he left me I called him back and we had a civil discussion. He told it was George Gorham that called and harrassed me from Speedway Auto. It wasn’t him. I was jus walking into a OAC meeting on Worth Ave and didn’t have time to talk. He said he may be able to work this thing out. I told him I would call him back, as I did. He has not answered or called back.

I guess we will just have to wait and see how this thing plays out.

Rex. After reading all my above post and talking with you today, the only thing you disagreed with that I had posted was that I was told the tech guy quit. Well, I was told that he quit and he hasn’t been to two races in a row. You know by reading that I am a straight shooter and I tell it like it is. Good, bad, and the ugly. You people are writing the story. I just put it into words. It’s your call. You got my number.

My question is how is Rex going to work out what? What is done is done! You can’t go back and change things now! There has been bad calls all year long in every series. If you start changing calls now because this is blasted on social media you have just opened a huge can of worms! Bad calls were made all year and people had to move on and deal with them. This is no different. Some people had bad calls happen to them more than once but calls were never changed because you can’t do that. All I see that can be done is that next year the powers to be need to be changed so this sort of thing don’t happen again. Sorry this had to happen to you but been there done that and just moved on because it is what it is. :ernaehrung004:

We don’t care about the argument or the decision on the track. That has nothing to do with it. Rex was wrong in taking the points we earned that day. We also won the pole award points. It was a hotheaded decision after the race to take our points. All we want the points we earned that day.

Just because they both didn’t agree on the decision on the track doesn’t give anybody the right to take the points where we finished. We where the fast qualifier, we got sent to the rear and came back to finish sixth. That’s all we want. Is the points where we finished. We don’t need Rex’s childish games.

We ere big boys!!! We put up with the bullshit they’re doing to us in tech, on the track, and in the officials tower. We just want what is rightfully ours. The call was not even made by an F ups official. It was made by the track owner.

Like I said. If you want the whole story. Call me.


I understand your frustration with this! The thing is Rex is a series official by being a track owner in the series. That was how it was set up in the beginning. The bad thing is that Rex is the only track left this year but that is a whole other issue. From what you are saying taking your points away that day was probably not warranted for a disagreement after the race because of a bad call during the race. This disagreement did not get personal or physical? My question is then if you don’t leave the rulings from this bad call as far as The points. what do you do with the other bad calls in this race and previous bad calls thru the year? I know it sucks but but where do you draw the line and be fair to everyone that has experienced a bad call that affects points in a race. I have seen several bad calls that have affected points in races that points are taken away that would have changed positions at the end of the year if were given back. This type of bad call is worse because of what took place after the race but is still just another bad call on the FUPS managements part. Bad calls are made in all sports and are not agreed upon by many but you have to just move on and do what you can to hope it dont happen again. Again I am sorry this had to happen to you as I know what this means to you. Good Luck to you and your son in the future!:ernaehrung004:

screw job

Andrew, he screwed Jeff Schofield out of 10 grand (race winnings and point money) one night for bumping a car to advance his position. He gave Wayne Anderson a 5 grand screw job another night in tech. My advise to you is stay away from the place. The list of racers in the state that will not go to that sh t hole is far to long to post.

I think you are missing the point. We don’t want anything we didn’t earn on the track, we are not wanting any finishing order changed. We only want finishing position we were in when we crossed the finish line in. We got the pole and after the bad call we drove from the back and crossed the line in 6th. That is all we want. What we earned that day. Nothing more nothing less. We protested the removal of our weekend points in writing just minutes after it happened via text to Rick Williams by the rules. We just want the hotheaded kindergarten Bullshit rightfully overturned.

We know the bad call during the race cost us a solid finish. Thats racing. We are not asking for that. We are asking for where we finished and the points we earned. We did everything by the rules but they are letting people make up their rules as they go. That’s bs.

You asked if this disagreement got personal or physical??? No. Not at all. My son is very respectful and pretty much no violent? Rex Guy said “Dustin, I made the call on track and the call will stand!!! If you say another word about it I will take your points for the day!!!”. Dustin replied, and I quote, " Yes sir" and he respectfully walked away as Rex Guy blew a fuse for saying yes sir. My son could not have been any more respectfully.

And it was discussed at the beginning of the year in the drivers meeting at the first race, and also here on the Internet, that only the traveling Fups officials will make the calls that will affect the Fups members. Rex Guy was not pointed out in that meeting as an official.

give it up!!

Andrew, rex does what rex wants, and rex see’s what rex wants to see. If you want to be treated fairly or you want to run at a professionaly run track, you are going to have to go somewhere else. I can understand your frustration, but there is nothing you can do. Rex runs the series, and if you are not on his good side, you are screwed. Your only other choice is to kiss his ass, till your lips are sore, and that my not even work. I have seen you and your son at many races over the years, though I have never meet you, you both seem like very nice people, It is nice to see a father and son have a strong bond through racing. Vince

FYI. On the F ups webs site they used to have a list of contacts for the series officials. Rex guys name was never on that page. Now that Rex tells me Rick Williams has nothing to do with the series anymore, and the rest of the officials are leaving the series I have noticed that all the contacts of the F up series have been removed from the page. You guys might want to reread my original post and you’ll understand a little better where I’m coming from.

See y’all at Homestead!!!

Vince. I don’t kiss anybody’s ass. LOL!!! I WAS just trying to get this resolved for my son and the team owner. My son and the team owner would like to finish out their year and points. No matter what happens I will never step foot on that property again and that track owner will never get another dime of my money. If this doesn’t get resolved with my son and Rex guy we are going to bring the team owners son down from N.C. put him in the truck and withdraw Dustin from the series.

There are plenty of tracks in Florida that we get treated well at thru the years. DeSoto, Citrus, NSS, and Showtime. If that don’t work out there are plenty of tracks east of the Mississippi. Im sure there are plenty of track owners that wont mine taking our money.

And Vince. Stop by and introduce yourself whenever you see us at the track. I’m pretty sure we will be running Dustins super late model at the DeSoto on the seventh.

Besides the truck and our super you can also find Dustin driving a dirt limited late model at Clewiston, he just got the seat fitted. He also drove dirt last weekend for two different team in 4 classes at the world 100 up just south of Georgia.

Thanks again Vince

This is for Rex. Rex. You know the message that I have on my recorder. You know, you laughing, saying that my son lost his ride. You thought that was real funny!!! Well the joke is on you. If my son isn’t driving the Fups the truck will only race the truck 2 more times and then sell it. Our team owners son and my son have been driving each others stuff since the very first day his son sat in a seat. He was wearing Dustin helmit and driving suit and it was Dustin’s seat. My son has been family with his family since he was three years old. Rex is doing this thinking he is making my son lose his ride. He has been driving there stuff for 19 years and he will be driving it for many more.

Anyway. What happened to the Alan Jay sponsorship for the truck? How is running the show now? Where is the banquet going to be at? What happened to tech guy and the truck race director?