Earl Beckner

To make it short…I blew up on the first time out in practice. T.C. spoke to him and the man gave me his spare car to drive. ( WOW ) He never met me and told me not to worry just drive it. Unfortunately I didn’t do him justice in the race. If anyone knows how to get a hold of him please P.M. me his number. Thank you again Earl…

Yeah that was awesome except you needed a can opener to get in and out!

Sorry to hear about the 53 blowing up, was wondering why you were driving the #111 that was very nice of Earl!

Indeed…It was unbelievable. I tore up his car and want to get ahold of him some how and help compensate the damages…I hear his shop is in Orlando but will make the haul to turn wrenches…Things like this don’t happen often and I want to make it right…Anyone know how to get ahold of him ?

Check with Kim Brown at NSS. The 111 races there every week.


owm 53 u and i are good, i gave u a ride because i chose to with no strings atached u seem to be a humble guy even though i dont no u and some day somebody else may need a favor and like they say u can pay it foward hope get your car fixed and good job on your champion ship.

you are a class act mr beckner,and thanks for coming and supporting the EBR, Look forward to seeing you soon man


Mr. Beckner I cant thank you enough. If there is ever anything you need at the track come see me. Thank you too Tony.