Tony Carreno

Tony I have been racing almost 60 years and that show last night was among the best organized I have seen not to mention one of the best races I have ever witnessed with OWM. Good Job man! If you can figure a way to get it to me I’ll include that first lap footage in my productioin. I was up with the leaders and did’t see it.

Right on Bob. Imagine how our sport would thrive if we had more Tony C’s? He is an owner, driver, sponsor, fan and friend of the sport. Hey Tony, here is a project for you to take on…convince all the complainers and skeptics to get off their butts and take on something to improve racing.

Take a bow young man!

I have been to watch 3 of the EB races and each has been professionally run and to me been the best modified race for that season. Awesome car counts and total exciting racing. No matter the track it was run on.
Tony has done a great job putting this together.

Tony is a first class guy without a doubt. Proud to call him a friend also. We sure could use more like him, as Rex said.

It takes a LOT of effort to put something like this together… hours, fuel, phone bills, sponsor negotiations, money… all to ‘do something’ for the family and the sport. It’s a thankless job, and the ones, like Tony, to step up to the plate, should be thanked at every opportunity.

Attn: Promoters across the state… If Tony shows up at your track, refuse to take his money at the pit window. It’s a small way of showing that his efforts should be rewarded for helping the sport in general, even if you didn’t personally make a dime from it.

That was the best race I have seen in 10 years, thank you everyone! I had not attended any previous Eddie Brann memorial races but will for sure going forward.

Too bad we can’t have some type of touring series that runs once a month in FL that brings all of these awesome drivers and staff together with a points championship similar to the whelen, valenti, roc, etc up north.

The car count + great drivers was amazing
Playing bad to the bone when they first took the track was awesome
The announcer (Rick), Flag Man, and Officials did a great job

GREAT weekend with racing family and friends. Tony was the best at MC for the whole race too.
Weighed myself this morning and found I gained 6 lbs. too. :sprachlos020:
Look forward to doing this race again…
Great job to everyone involved, and congrats to LJ Grimm on the come behind(twice) win…

Thank you sir

The first time I met Tony was at Bronson for a 75 lapper for the mods. He in my opinion is one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. What he does for the sport of auto racing is just plain great to bad we don’t have more like him. If we did maybe I would still have a racecar. All I can say is thanks Tony for all you do.

Skip Honaker