no need for entry fee's

Why do tracks need an entry fee? To rack it to the racer… They raise there start money to cover the entry fee yet those who do not start lose out or those who brake in the heat lose out. I see Ocala is doing this to there mini sprints in Dec. I was against this when Okeechobee and Hendry county tried it and I stopped it. We ran the USA sprints then. The late model shows have a entry fee for that is how the promoter makes there money it is not added money for the track…

I would agree for regular shows, and even small specials, but that particular date is a major event. They are paying more to win that week than big sprint cars in this state get. Myself as one who will probably be lucky to run 10th in that race I’d always rather the purse be lower up front and padded better all the way back through, but it’s a good start.

Luke once you let in an entry fee that track will continue on with it. One guy at that race will win the rest will lose. If the track promotes they can get the mini’s from north ga. to come and make a full field that is good for the track and the spectator

Entry fee

I would gladly pay a small entry fee for a lot more to win.

I have to ask why do you race in a class you admit yourself you have no chance to win? Seems to me racing would mean more in a lower class where you might win. As a spectator I don’t go to the races to watch cars without a chance to win.

This year due to time constraints with my business I’ve only been on the track 6 or 7 times. We had multiple rainouts on dates I had planned to be able to attend on top of just being super busy. Heck I’ve only run the car with the wing on once since Winternationals in February. When you’re out of the seat that much the reality is those guys with 30+ races a year have a huge advantage in both driving feel and setup.