Top Ten Favorite TV Shows Watched by The Boneman

Here they are:

#10 - Dancing with the Czars
#9 - Yoho Five-O
#8 - How I Met Your Mechanic
#7 - Law & Order: SpeedWorld Victims Unit
#6 - 2 Broke McCrearys
#5 - NCIS: Bithlo
#4 - Nova (not the PBS show - this is an MTV program about a homeless guy living in a 1965 Chevy Nova station wagon)
#3 - Once Upon a Time in Titusville
#2 - Marvel’s Agents of T.B.A.R.A.

and the #1 favorite Boneman TV show: Keeping Up with the Karnacians

#4…could that guy be Jerry by any chance ?..OSF

Yep, that’s me. But they forgot to add the line ‘behind the forklift shop where he sweeps floors twice a week’…!

[SIZE=“5”]LMBO!![/SIZE]…(laughing my balls off)


Pretty close Dave!

There are actually coming out that will be interesting. One is about the civil war to win the Iron Throne of the 7 Speedways. It will be called “A Game of Nerones”.

Next is a reality series about everyone in Florida racing, “Dork Dynasty”.

LOL ! Glad you found the humor.

I consider you the “worlds greatest short track fan”. No sheeting you. :slight_smile:


Favorite classic t.v. show = Bonenaza
Favorite classic rock band = T-rex
Favorite politician = Sonny Bone-o
Current t.v. show = Bones