CALL 386-837-8048 with any questions.

Crate late model now available

Took a 604 in on trade. Can sell as a crate car. Engine is on run in stand not installed yet. Pictures available just text me. 386-837-8048. Please no trades at this time.

Need to sacrifice

Would like to finish our new car will sacrifice this car roller or turnkey. Don’t want to give it away just super reasonable. Car is upgraded and has been a great car especially since new shock package was bought car working nice. Is a full tube all parts on front suspension upgraded from GRT. Will be raced until sold

Have several race engines in stock. 355 Ump legal street stock, 604 crate no seals, 415 23* , 360 UDLMCS legal.

Lets get a deal done, racing is almost here. Ill let go with brinn and world products headed 355 ump legal. Afco shocks if you find a better car for the price I will be surprised. Need to finish new car will sacrifice 5500 turn key with legal limited engine. Car looks exactly as in picture.

3k come get it

12,500 in receipts for two years, taking another hit case for the car. Want to make an order for the free trade. Just going to give it away at 3k

Yeah roller ready to go

Roller is still ready

Mastersbuilt has to go too 4500 tk

3k is roller only the more you buy the cheaper it gets. 3k wouldn’t buy shocks and rack with plumbing. Come on guys want to finish my new car. If not satisfied will be raced.

[QUOTE=modlmrcr;140789]Mastersbuilt has to go too 4500

Brinn in Grt falcon in Masterbuilt. Afco shocks on both cars QA on lift bars

No longer for sale, thanks

Eight dollars and 14 cents what a deal. Only lost a lil on this car

$8.14 man that person overpaid

Savage aren’t you the one who kept calling and saying you we’re coming to look at it. I’m sure that was your story you wanted to try to get it for never even looking at it. That car was kick ass as we’re many of my builds. I don’t have time for dreamers like you. Oh yeah and the one looking for handouts for the dirty dozen you need to own racecars before you ask for money then you need to be able to drive them also. Look at my stats with a low budget my cars still managed to finish 90% of the time. I have never needed to ask for I dreams I make stuff happen. Thanks for your interests though and good luck on the dirty dozen.

First, I would never buy anything you have to sell. You always ask new prices for used up equipment. I mean at the rear suspension in the picture, all the heims are corroded and rusted. swedge tubes corroded. bird cages and brakes are rusted that car has been sitting with no attention for awhile. people call you out on your bullshit and then you cry wolf and bad mouth people. all I get from you in a keyboard tough guy that feels like he’s owed something by the racing community. as far as the dirty dozen goes, that was two years ago and it was a huge success. Nobody is looking for a handout here, maybe you should learn about what you have and price it accordingly, more importantly get your attitude together man, nobody wants to deal with an over-zealous asshole. just saying. its not just me who see’s your shenanigans, it’s everyone on this page hence why your stuff always gets sold out of state.

Ok the car finished finished fifth at Volusia this year how about at Putnam the car made 300 once and 250 the next week before they closed the door. Pretty interesting that when an experienced driver drove it at Ocala it went to the front with it’s junk on it right. Just so you know. As for my attitude I’m over the bs callers who say they are coming and try to make deals without looking at them.

Yeah ok mr steele your a police officer that gets everything for free .dreamer!

Competitive legal built LLM