***2011 Larry Shaw, 2-Brothers, Genesis, OutPace, Bert***

2011 Larry Shaw, 2-Brothers, Genesis, OutPace, Bert

Car was Built with the best Parts Money Can Buy, One of the Nicest Cars in Florida(less then 2 seasons - 20 races)!

-Low Drag QuickChange
-Bert Ball spline, Bellhousing, Starter
-Low Friction Bearings
-Adjustable Drop-in Ball joints
-Genesis Shocks
-Landrum Springs
-TearDrop Fuel Cell
-OutPace Bars and Heims
-Elec RF Brake Shutoff
-Adjustable Pedals
-Black Hot MSD Ignition
-Digital Tac

Car was Built with Shaw and Landers Mounting Brackets, this car is a Full Combo Car! Must see!

Top of the line with multiple Feature Wins and Ready to Win again!

$15,000 Race Ready w/ Robert Delgado Eastbay Engine!
$12,000 Rolling Minus Engine!
$5,000 Robert Delgado Eastbay Engine!


TTT! Ready to sell!

Anyone interested? Give me a call… Willing to trade a top of the line asphalt modified or late model.


asphalt modified for trade…850-336-:huepfen024:6814


Thanks for the offer. Im only interested in a cope modified.

Ill give you Cope T-shirt and a thousand for it

identify a cope car

To be for sure I do not know what this car is…I never really care, as long as they are straight, however I was told it looked like a Pletcher but… I do not think so. The front clip is really wide, (like wider than most ) I put lefthander style uppers on it ( With a jig from a lefthander) and cannot run a ford lower on the right front like most modifieds due to the width, all that to say how do I identify if it is a cope car. Not that it would change your mind, I just would like to know . I bought the car from like the 3rd or 4th owner and it was partially crashed around the fuel cell and needed a body. The car came from South Florida somewhere is as far as I got with the history. needing some help :confused: