Super fast Sportsman car for sale

The car is the former #69 car that Mike Bresnahan owned and raced at Citrus. Car is super fast, has the best you can buy for the class from front to back. I replaced alot of stuff, new distributor, new pads, new clutch, new shocks and springs as well as just put a new quick change in the car with 2 races on it. This car can win anywhere you take it. The sale would be turn key with all extra parts, gears, wheels, etc. If you wanna be a front runner anywhere you run or go, this is the car to do it with. If your interested, message me and we can talk.

Price is $10K turn key with all spare parts. Only things I will not let go is the seat, radio wiring & helmet blower. I bought this car for $8500 & went through it from front to back, replacing anything that showed any signs of wear & since then, the car has been run 6 times total. Really hate to sell it because it is a really good car but just don’t seem to have any time to race it like I want. I have attached/added a couple photos as well. message me on here & if you want to leave a number to call you in the message I will call you as soon as possible.



Where have you won with this car?
Thanks Rick.

Hey Todd, this is Scott Garrity. I lost my cell phone and all contacts. Private message me with your phone number. I’d like to talk to you. Thanks.

Still for sale. I had told everyone that called that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to sell it but I have made up my mind that I just do not have the time to mess with racing right now and I hate to see this thing sit when it could be racing and winning somewhere, especially if it was citrus from what I have been told. I have never put new tires on the car since running the first series race at Auburndale and the car was pretty fast on used, un soaked tires so I am sure it would be super fast with some fresh shoes. Message me for details or questions and we will go from there. I do want to sell for sure, will part with it for less than I have in it and want it gone asap. thanks.

TTT. Have several calls with a deal in the works but, as of today, nothing has been finalized.

sweet ride

Thanks for the compliment man and have had several interested with one definite if I have it in 2 weeks still. so, car is still for sale and would love to see it go to someone who will put it to good use wherever the car is raced. Lots and lots of good paying shows at Desoto (like 6 shows), Showtime recently added a 5 race deal, Auburndale has several 50 lappers as well.

Do you still have the sportsman

SOLD! Thanks Karnac