PASS Winter Meltdown Tickets???

Does anyone know how much PASS Winter Meltdown tickets are at New Smyrna for the 2/8 Saturday night race? I click to buy tickets online and the phrase “no events” comes up. I’d like to go but need to know how much the tickets are and I wonder why you cannot buy them online.:confused:

why aren’t you

Hey Scott, Why aren’t you racing your Sportsman that nite. If you bring it,you won’t care how much it cost

Winter Melt Down

It looks like The Winter Melt Down has invited the Sportsman and E-Mods to come join in on the fun. Tell alll your friends and fam. Its your last time to shack down the ride before Speedweek starts:aetsch013:

Scott… I’m thinking this is a weekend lease of the track by the PASS Series. Therefore, they would be the ones selling tickets rather than NSS.

I would try their site & see what you find there.

Thanks Jerry. Lets see, if I spend $800 instead of $15-25 I won’t care how much it costs???:confused:

but if you want to make the class grow, you can’t just sit in the stands

It’s 164 miles and nearly 3 hr tow to NSS for me. I ain’t rich and with my old dually averaging 7 mpg (as much as I love it) NSS ain’t gonna be my “home track” anytime soon. Making the class grow is up to the locals. I’ll be there for the World Series and maybe, maybe the Sportsman 50 later in the year, but thats about all my budget can sustain. I’m concentrating my efforts at the other great track in this state, Desoto. BTW, where is it even listed that Sportsman and Emods are a part of this show? I don’t see it mentioned anywhere.

Scott- if click on the Meltdown banner at the top of this page it takes you to the PASS website. In the article about the Meltdown they mention that the e-mods and “outlaw” sportsman are running that night- it’s at the very end.

You can find the Meltdown article easily enough by scrolling down and look on the left until you see the funny picture of Bentley Warren- he’s a biker now. LoL- you gotta love that guy!

Thanks Elk. But man, they need to get the word out better than that if they want decent Sportsman and Emod fields. You need a magnifying glass and a seeing eye dog to find it in that PASS article and still says TBA on the NSS site.

Sportsman’s at the melt down!

Youre right about putting the word out.
If I didn’t read this thread I wouldn’t have known!:ernaehrung004: