Did Anyone go to OSW this week

Did anyone go to OSW this week? Did they have any cars there?

Yes I did and YES I took a car.


well Dave what did you see and what do you think?
rick m

Well there was about a dozen cars there and it was a bit chilly. A few had already left by the time I got there about 7. Said they couldn’t get any grip because of the track was too cold. First thing was we had a tire, as NASCAR says, get CUT down. Talked to the latest General Manager, Donnie. Had to go ask who it was. Could at least walked around and introduced himself when people arrived. Of course he has a Draaaag Racing background and is a friend of Ozie’s. Blamed a lot of problems on past management. That did not go over well with Chad since his parents were part of the “Past” Management. But he seemed friendly and at least appeared interested to what people said. Time will tell.

Blamed a lot of problems on past management oh really!! did he know the past management? you should have ask him what happen last year the worse yea of all. with ozzy in charge .