Icebreaker top 10

[B][I]Top 10 finishers for tonight’s Icebreaker 100:

  1. Joe Boyd
    2 Wayne Anderson
  2. Jesse Dutilly.
  3. Scott Walters
  4. Jake Perkins
  5. Anthony Sergi
  6. George Gorham
  7. Nick Neri
  8. Dennis Colletti
  9. Chad Allman
    Photo by: Scott Lockwood[/I][/B]

[B][I]Brighthouse series Icebreaker 100

  1. 5 Joe Boyd Riverview
  2. 84 Wayne Anderson Wildwood
  3. 30 Jesse Dutilly Bradenton Fast time
  4. 77 Scott Walters Naples
  5. 59 Jake Perkins Ocala
  6. 20 Anthony Sergi Geneva
  7. 10g George Gorham Lakeland
  8. 151 Nick Neri Palmetto
  9. 4 Dennis Colletti Bradenton
  10. 67 Chad Allman Plant City
  11. 94 Donnie Varcoe Sault Ste. Marie
  12. 36m Travis Miller Punta Gorda
  13. 10 Steve Dorer Lakeland
  14. 9 Rich Clouser Deland
  15. 7 Daryl Shellnut Lake city
  16. 56 Brian Richardson Cape Coral
  17. 51 Michael Atwell Naples
  18. 11 David Rogers Orlando
  19. 5A Jerry Artuso Sault Ste Marie
  20. 47 Chris Fontaine Lakeland
  21. 6 Jeff Scofield Plant City
  22. 36 Chad Chastain Alva
  23. 7E Doug Elliott Port Orange
  24. 06 Mike Finn Jupiter
  25. 81 Anthony Campi Sarasota
  26. 5x Steve Gill Sarasota D.Q.

Looked like a pretty good field! What happened with Steve Gill and his D.Q.?

RSB, Gill and one of the other cars got tangled up on the track. That led to Gill being unhappy about it and he tried to get to him. Didn’t see what caused the crash, but I don’t think I have ever seen Gill lose his cool before. Great race but there were some good cars taken out early. I hope Jimmy keeps things on this path. A full field of late models, and packed stands. I really thought the Bigley’s would be there along with Travis Cope. Overall great race.

Great racing!

The best part I got it all on video! Including Steves wreck, Jeff with Atwell, Fontaine with Jeff! I am editing now!

Be interesting to see the video. Just hated seeing Jeff get knocked out. He is driving David Hart’s car and David is a great guy glad to see them making that car fast. The Atwell kid was fast but found some troubles.