Desoto Speedway 2-1 results

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Desoto Speedway Management team would like to Thank all those
who sponsored laps for the Bright House Ice Breaker 100


Boyd charges to win in Icebreaker 100

Very good race. Very good field of cars. Few too many cautions, but what a scrap for the lead on every restart. Joe Boyd was the class of the field at the end, but lot’s of fighting thru the pack. Overall i’d say Jimmy is headed in the right direction. It’s just going to take time to dig out of the hole that he bought.

How was the crowd, Matt.?

crowd was good and they got to see a great Super race


Yep, crowd was good. Seemed a lot more like the good old days at Desoto, back when things were run correctly. Except for the autograph session( I know, it’s a necessity for the fans but if only it went a little quicker ) the show moved along well. Even got to see what drifting looks like.
The only , and I mean the only negative thing I heard all night was from some people who sat on the pit side and were complaining that the speakers over there didn’t work at all. All part of rebuilding from the mess left by you know who.

What winners looked like last night at DESOTO SPEEDWAY!

Joe Boyd has worked hard for this win and the crowd showed their glee! When he took over the lead the crowds in the pit grandstands all stood up clapping and yelling! :wink: Jimmy… the track is COMING BACK! Thank you to all of you who are making this happen. . Awesome night of racing. :huepfen024:
Carol Wicks :auto003:

Nice to see a full grandstand. Can’t wait to get down there and run all year!

in todays paper

A few pictures of Saturday from our website.

Decent crowd overall but far from packed.

But a 2 truck cowboy cadillac race, a 3 car rookie 4 race and a 4 car street stock race aint going to fill no seats.While on the subject of speakers how about putting one on the pole to nowhere down off turn 4 ?There is no light, speaker,or catch fence attached to it so has it been serving any purpose since the place reopened other than to obstruct my view?Other than that great late model field,good late model race with a lot of good cars in it,and it was nice to see guys like Rogers and Clouser come from across the state.I hope it is just a starting point for what the Brighthouse series will bring to Desoto.

thanks for your input, we had new speakers put up by the bleachers and are working on lights in the pits. will check out the turn 4 area. it was a non points race for all the reg classes and a lot have mentioned their cars were not ready.

Great Show

I sat close to turn one. The place was packed!! Late Model show was good, great car count. I also like going down on the track to see the cars up close, and meet some of the drivers, it adds a lot to the experience. Glad to see Joe Boyd win, seems like a nice guy. I will say they are going to have to work on the support divisions. I also think if they want to get more cars from across the state they need to run the late model race at 7:30—8:00 like NSS does it. I go and watch the races at NSS for that reason, I want to see the late models run, but dont want to be there till 10-11 with a long drive home. Speakers and lights were good at my end…Vince