Battle at the Beach.....

The modified Pre-entry list is out, and looks much better than I thought it would.

30 cars, a few of which are Florida racers, and a surprise entry… Late Model star Kyle Benjamin will be wheeling the very potent Bono Manion #7 that has been driven to several high profile wins by Ryan Newman.

I’m hoping this team will run a few shows at NSS also, as Benjamin REALLY gets around that place.

It would be nice if NSS could get just 20 of those this year… Since it’s a NASCAR track now, the Richie Evans race should also be a points race… heck, the guys are already here for the BotB!!! Evans is a Hall of Famer and deserves more than a 12-car field in his memorial race…

I am a Florida Boy as well even though it says Glastonbury, CT (where I grew up) on the Battle at the Beach entry list, and a New Smyrna regular, however I have a two month old at home so depending on if my car gets torn up or not (highly likely at Daytona) I will try to make the Richie Evans race. Oh and the car will be # 09 at the race, I am learning NASCAR has a lot of rules!

Glad you are coming - hell skip the Daytona thing and run at NSS all week!

I can tell you this, there are few races that are better than a solid Mod race at NSS. They put on a hell of a show. Wish the numbers would go up for them.

Jerry, I saw where Daniel Hemric was itchin to run one at NSS too, just doesnt have one to run (yet)! Man I cant wait for next year when they run the show at NSS and scrap the Daytona experiment. Or at least make it a real double header for points.

Anyone got Daniel Hemric’s phone #?

No, but he is on twitter quite a bit…give him a shout.

heard the straights are going to be 50 feet shorter ,

Nice ride! Best of luck!