Twins...Duels...whatever you wanna call 'em...

So, can anybody tell me why (or even when) they (NASCAR) decided to run the Twin 150s on Thursday night, instead of Thursday during the day…?? I just now looked at what time the races are running - trying to kill the crowds yet again during Speedweeks at the local tracks (Volusia and New Smyrna)…

Somebody said, “They’re going for a TV audience”…:confused:

1-TV cameras
2- Racing under the lights in Prime Time
3- Sucking up all all of the fans into DIS instead of surrounding race tracks and eating establishments.
4- Trying to appear as important and as relevant as the NFL and NBA.

They spout this “Home Track” local racing stuff but in all reality they don’t give a crap about local racing. Look at all the NASCAR tracks (Cup, Nationwide, Trucks) that have installed lights the last several years and gone to Saturday night shows. Yes it is way cooler temp. wise. But it’s all about the MONEY!!! Their next victim is probably going to be Robert Hart and New Smyrna Speedway. Heard NASCRAP had a rule that 2 tracks could not race on the same night if they were within 100 miles of each other. What gives with the DIS and NSS? There within 100 miles of each other. And don’t say it’s because they run different cars. They do (K&N, Modified, SLM). NSS now closes 1 night during Speed Week. Clyde probably started spinning in his grave after the 1st NASCAR sign was erected on his track.

The “when” is this year.

As much as I dislike what NASCAR does, and how they do it, you gotta give them credit for going for the throat. They have always pushed, bought, and bullied their way into where ever they wanted to go. They want to be considered a real sport, and a big part of that is being on prime time tv. So they install lights at their tracks and "encourage " Bruton Smith to do the same. And as NASCAR sees it, you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet. So if short tracks have to close down for NASCAR to get their show on tv, then short tracks will just have to close down.

twin duels

I’ll record & be at Volusia for some real racing.

No kidding, if you owned a business would you not make decisions that were in the best interest of said business?

And share holders ?

I doubt when NASCAR makes a schedule change the reason for doing so is to sway 100 fans away from NSS

You don’t think that NASCAR was instrumental in NSS signing on the K&N race at NSS ??? Heck,the K&N deal for 2015 at NSS was signed by Robert Hart at the NASCAR speedway office.

It’s not just about NSS! Then they need to stop running commercials about “NASCAR Home Tracks”.

So they install lights at their tracks and "encourage " Bruton Smith to do the same.
HMMMMM!!! Sure of that???

If history has not changed, it is Charlotte Motor Speedway that was the 1st big speedway to have lights.

Musco was kinda born out of that deal. They existed B4, but that system with lights and mirrors they installed at CMS really put them in the spotlight.

The reason they put lights at Charlotte came about the Winston All Stars.This race, at the beginnning, was suppose to go from track to track every year or so. Then, in a meeting with Winston officials and Humpy Wheeler, in order to keep the race at CMS, Humpy Wheeler, out of desperation maybe, said he was to run it at night under the lights. They said, ‘‘there is no lights’’ …he said ‘‘We’ll put them up’’, and that is how it all started.[/I][/B]

[QUOTE=kendo;141614]And share holders ?

I doubt when NASCAR makes a schedule change the reason for doing so is to sway 100 fans away from NSS[/QUOTE]

Don’t be too sure about that. They want it all.


I really liked them during the day, but they prolly need a night race to boost seat sales, so I hope everyone else goes there, makes it easier for me to go to V.C. Also a 60% chance of wetness tomorrow makes tonight a better choice.