Sportsman at NSS

Just watched the sportsman race at Nss, great car count ! I know theres a lot a talk on here about saving the class, Just one observation , its just like when I ran Southern sportsman series , Way too many cautions , too many cars dropping out , think only 7 out of 25 finished on lead lap . Once again glad to see a large field show up .

Sportsman NSS

Race ran green till lap 44 and then the cautions hit.
The winner was bounced with ported heads.
Keep TECHING the cars and the class will fix it’s self.
Oh and the rough driving needs to be address, they are few but dangerous.
Big thanks for Joe and all that came out tonight (there was even a Bone sighting).
Felt like the old days with Dave W in the tower .

There is always concern about the “supporting classes” not having enough cars for a speedweeks race but the sportsman cars brought it.

As far as “only 7 on the lead lap” or whatever it was, I hate “parity” as a fan. If everyone is running the same speed then it’s boring. I love to see the leaders working lapped traffic, it’s one of my favorite things. Everyone sees things differently I suppose.

Great to see that TECH busted the winner. He definitely “handled” better than everyone else down the straights!
I was kind of glad to see the caution finally come out at lap 44 to bunch the field back up, but didn’t expect the last 6 laps to take 45 minutes to run! :slight_smile:

Shifter broke in my new car, which turned me into a slow speed ping pong ball, gonna need a front clip but excited about the way the car worked, hope to have it clipped in the next couple weeks. Thanks to the people that helped out with parts Jeff and tires Red. It was greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten. Thanks to everybody that helped me get it done when there was a point that I knew it wouldn’t be done. Thanks Brad, Dana, Brent, Danny, and Scott, and all the wives for putting up with people missing time with there families.

Patrick Thomas 25

I’m pretty sure you guys just secured a spot for next years World Series. The Trucks & Mini Stocks… buh-bye…!

I was told by a track employee that you guys showed great support, and were a pleasure to work with.

Those 25 teams showed that when you pull together rather than pushing away, you are helping the future of your division. 3 support divisions get their turn at bat. 2 of them were strike-outs, and the 3rd was an in-park home run.

Congrats to these 25 teams. You survived and are welcomed back. The other 2 classes need to build a Sportsman in the next 12 months if they want to rce in February next year.


My night went south when we got bottle neck off of two and i tore a hood pin off on the back of Patricks car, few laps later the hood flew up against windsheild. Track let me race 4 laps or so under green then caution came out, rode around entire caution till doubleing up till they black flag me and tell me to get it off not giving me time to get back infront of lap traffic for start, needless to say though cars handling was shot with no hood. I hope the will release the 2015 world series schedule early enough that us sportman guys can save our money to support a 3-4 night deal, reason being most of all of us are working guys and have to plan ahead. I will be there for sure money permitting.
I have to thank everyone for what should have been a great weekend, AMF chassis, Carrs Automotive, my family, and Sean Bass and Kevin Macy!!

Aaron Williamson
#13 Sportsman

I thought it was a great race only thing I didn’t like about it was the #5 car the guy drives like a ass slm race had a great field as well