"WOFS" at Showtime

I’m at The 2nd annual “WOFS” at Showtime and I’m perplexed about what’s going on or happening. Last year there was about 20-25 Indiana cars. This year there is about 5-6 Indiana guys… 5 Florida pro guys… And 6 street stocks. So now the the question is why. It can’t be the weather because 6 Indiana guys have been here. My conclusion is either A) the out of towners don’t like how Showtime runs their show. B) They didn’t receive the purse that was advertised. And Yoho has the “WOFS Oval Championships” schedueled for next week. So the question is do the 5-6 Indiana guys stay around another week for this?


Not sure where your getting your information. There were 17 cars total for the Figure 8 race last year. Only 10 were from Indiana area, There was 7 this year. Pull the results for Speednet.

Turn 3 where I was sitting

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 8th and 16th… Were all from Indiana. The other driver with a hometown not listed… Was Robert Yoho. So by my calculation… That’s 6. And the guy that finished 16th ran only 5 -10 laps then broke. Yoho ran 1 lap and broke a front axle.

I can say the weather had to hurt but the dirt tracks had racers from the north,Canada,California etc.He didnt advertise it this year like he did last year.These guys are running for 5000 this weekend and and only 1000 for next weekend.Again money pulls evry one down here.Just my 2 cents

That’s what I didn’t understand. He blamed the weather for some guys being late or not there Friday night. But 6 still showed up. They drove through the same weather. Plus like you said you had guys at NSS from Canada and PA etc… I was just wondering maybe something happened between the drivers and Yoho last year after the races.

Can’t speak for why more Indy drivers did not show up but it had nothing to do with Yoho changing the purse. He paid exactly what was advertised, I was there & we had a car in the race. I did talk to a few of the Indy guys that were pitted next to us & they did say the weather was horrible trying to get down here and made the trip down pretty miserable.