406 fresh H-bearings, rings. its on run stand

Flat top Keith black icon series bushed parabolic beam rods with 7/19 arp does clear up to 3.80 stroke with camshaft. Has eagle 4340 externally balanced at treiglers performance. Has 200 cc heads 2.02/1.6 62cc hurricane intake heads have 1.500 springs 10 degree retainers and keepers lash caps 1.5 Harland sharp 7/16 with guirdle. Msd 85551 cam I will turn over card on purchase of engine I will say its mechanical flat tap. Sfi balancer and flex plate. 850 carb Stewart water pump comp products pulleys . Upper and lower cooling lines four blade fan also mini starter. $3500. Turn key not legal for my use. Guaranteed to impress. That is bottom dollar so any questions like that, I’m answering now. SERIOUS INQUIRES PLEASE… 386-837-8048 Chris also have video or pictures of complete build also build sheet.

To the private caller : try and build just the legal engine, then add THESE components to any chassis and see what it would cost. I’m delivering our cars and they are scaled with at least 20 gallons of Sunoco 11o which after all day of cleaning we rescale , addfuel after initial track night, re nut and bolt cars, take quite detailed notes and we race again. So sorry you were expecting a free ride. LOL you probably need to start in go carts anyhow, thanks for the inquire.

Sold $ 2.50

It was just junk anyhow. Wow I lost about .30. Not so bad for Florida stock car racing. Hey Neurone did you get a new deal?