Is there a vintage class for 50's cars?

I found a old 55 Chevy dirt track car, guy wants $400 for it. But, is there a class I could race it in? Most of the vintage cars are 30’s and early 40’s cars, never seen any 50’s cars.

Also, I know its hard to tell, but if anybody recognizes the car that would be awesome. The guy says its a old dirt car. He painted it yellow and blue. Couldnt tell from the before pics what color it originally was.

Seriously. Turn it into a street-legal race car.


There are 2 in the state that I know of one is based in Daytona and its called DARA. Daytona antique racing association. Another is Cars of yesterday and I think it is based in St pete. Goggle them and see what you get! I can’t remember which one but an old racer from the Tampa area has a 55 Chevy that he races. He may have retired completely by now he is in his 80’s I think. His name is Cush Revette. You can probably google him too.

Cush Revette

Cush Revette Jr and Sr.


Someone in DARA has a red 55 chev they race.


If you don’t buy it, please PM me a name, number, or location. Who cares if there is a class for it, its awesome.


DAARA has a website and is on Facebook, next race will be March 29th @Desoto. They just finished 2014 Spring National @ Auburndale.Divisions had Midgets (Overheads & Flatheads), Sprints, and 3 other Divisions of stock cars, V8 modifieds, 6 Cylinders. Their is something for everyone. Looks like 15 Shows this year including Winter National at the Bullring in Ocala.

The DAARA Nationals had somewhere around 70 cars by my guess, from the probably the 1920’s to the '80’s.

This car would absolutely fit in.

The red '55 Chevy refered to earlier, is Ronnie Rohn from Jacksonville.

Ronnie’s '55.

Sweet, just need to talk to my dad into keeping it at his house.