Super Late Models at Desoto Speedway

Desoto Speedway is the place to be!!

Desoto Speedway March 8th

Super Late Models
Who was at practice tonight

1.Joe Boyd
2.Anthony Campi
3.Chris Fontaine
4.Steve Gill
5.Dennis Colletti
6.Brian Richardson
7.Scot Walters
8.Michael Atwell
9.Jake Perkins
10. Dylan Bigley
11.Billy Bigley
12. Daniel Keene Jr.
13.Stephen Nasse
14. Jesse Dutilly
15. Anthony Sergi
16. Troy Davis
17. Dusty Cornielus
18. Dale Horne
19. Nick Neri

Coming in Saturday
20.Mike Finn
21.Tuffy Hester
22.Daryl Shelnut
23.Zack Rudd
24.Scott Grosssenbacher
25.Chris Loney
26.Justin Larson
27.Brian Blum
28. Dakota Stephens
29. Eugene Anderson
30. Mike Knotek

WOW…Hot Damn…now that’s a field of SLM’s…can’t think of that many SLM teams showing up for a race in a bunch of years… it’s says a lot about Jimmy and Critter… these drivers know they will get a fair shake with track promoters like those two…

Congrats go to Desota Speedway… this is just a start of something NEW and GREAT… keep up the good work… OSF

Still looking for Desota Speedway so I can check it out?