There was a time when Bristol had more people in the stands for time trials and practice. I am beginning to fear that NASCAR may be losing touch with an entire generation of racing fan. No the sport is not electronic, programmed or best watched on a cell phone. If this is the case I don’t know how we reconnect with them. As for the earlier generations this is certainly one of the tracks and races that best represents the grass roots of our sport. I sincerely hope this is not an omen of the future.

Many people buy their tickets on race day at ticket booth now. No more 6 months advance reservation. So if weather is shacky, they stay home. That is why they are shrinking seating capacity everywhere, as small as they can, trying to kayfabe a big demand. (W)WE can see they are becoming pretty good at that… $400 millions project to expand to… smaller and less. That is pretty amazing, isn’t it???

I remember when tickets use to be $50 or less for GOOD seats at a cup race… and the place was PACKED… Just a thought but maybe try dropping from $200+ down to reasonable prices again? You know… Since the economy is a mess and all…

What’s even more amazing ( not to mention sad for race fans ) is that the $400 million expansion by the France family ( a large chunk of which is paid for by the good citizens of Daytona and Volusia county I understand ) is that the expansion is meant for other uses than racing. Concerts and college football games I’ve been told. The Frances are planning for a future where stock cars will become second or third billing at DIS.

Yep! New trend. Those monster sites use to make enough money with couple of big races a year. That is over. Now, it has to be used more and more to make it profitable. Like many short track in North America. We see all kinds of different shows being presented at different facilities. Even Bristol will have a football match. Money is good…wherever it comes from.

I like the irony of it. Eldora, another 1/2 mile of some note, will never be 1/2 full and to expand their income they simply brought in NASCAR. The big dogs continue to leave dog poop on a weekly basis.

And there was a time when it didn’t…

Picture tells it all.You did not need a lot of seats before this guy came along.

Just goes to show you how many show up just for the wrecks. When it was a one lane track, plenty of pushing and shoving causing wrecks and temper tantrums. Changed to three wide and less wrecks, everybody leaves. I went to Bristol but the best racing was at Bulls Gap.