4000.00 TO WIN OWM Showtime

This sat 3/ 22 owm will be racing for some big bucks, Rules and payouts are posted on there website, see ya there I hope


If we can get our car put back together with Doc Mckinney in the seat we will be there. We are working hard to make it happen . :sport009:

Wrong DATE

Wrong Date , but will be there soon as we finish the car . My bad :sprachlos020::sport009::sport009:

Is there a pre-entry list? Will there be heat races? Thanks!


As far as I no there is no pre entry list, But last yr they had around 30 cars, they qualified and did a invert of some sort, as far as whos coming, I cant answer that, I have nothing to do with it, If we were talking about the ebr race I could get ya close lol, With that kind of money on the line , I would suspect all the guns coming out

T Mack, he backed it in pretty hard at New Smyrna. What happened?

Oil line blew

Thanks, looking forward to some good OWM racing!

There is a 100.00 entry fee, impound on the tires and you must buy 10 gallons of fuel. The payout is great with 10th place paying 500.00. This a 100 lap race.

Bummer deal


I have to ask why do you feel that it’s a bummer, Back when I started racing mods 08/ 09 I would travel every other week 120 mile one way and pass a really nice track on the way south, to go and race at pgs. 50.00 entry, 50laps, 1000,00 to win, I brought tires every time I showed up, 15 gal of fuel min, So if someone puts up 4000.00 to win, and I still have to by fuel, tires and pay and entry it’s a bogus deal, That’s funny you need to explain that to guys like moff, Jefferson , rudd . lb, batman, klieber, mcdaniels, bookmiller, and that’s just to name a few, because if you headed down there that’s who you had to race with, and they didn’t have problem paying what they had to to dig and put on a show, so again I ask why is that a BUMMER

Must not be a bummer when so many teams agree to it…only a few might complain and stay home with Mama and miss a great race… or perhaps a person who doesn’t even have a OWM would think its a bummer, but they don’t really have a say in the matter, so we’re back to those who really matter and I don’t hear them complaining, they just want to "Keep on Digging’ and “Gittin it Done”… OSF

Tony, I think he was talking about Doc’s crash at NSS.

One Off

If that is the case ??? MY BAD

I was talking about Doc’s crash.

If you always brace for the worst you’re gonna make yourself sick someday.


looks like we will be back in time…

I hear you lurkin lol, That’s great news owm53