"Safety devices at "cost".

I would caution anyone from purchasing anything but a HANS device. They have proven to be life savers.

I can tell you as a driver whose LIFE was saved by a HANS device that there is nothing better.

Buy a used one on Ebay for $300-$500. Then, buy a full containment seat for less than $500.

If I sent my son or daughter out there I would buy a HANS and a good seat first THEN build my car.

NOTE: A “FULL CONTAINMENT” seat is NOT the issue… nor is it as important as a HANS is.

He is selling the Necksgen device, it is far from a “knock off” as you would put it. I’ve owned one, and they are a quality piece with a few advantages over the older HANS device. Get informed before you spew bad information.


Learn about the HANS before YOU spread bad info.


Call them. You can talk to the scientist that developed the HANS.

Ask him why others don’t provide the protection that they do.

And WHY would anyone slam the HANS device? Because you can save $100? Broken necks cost more than that.

The “OLD” HANS device? Really? I hit a wall at 80 mph head on… with YOUR so called OLD HANS… Still around with NO injuries.

Doesn’t it say ‘something’ that you are both alive to even debate the subject? The more protection, the better.
I wish Richie Evans, Charlie J. and many others had the option of the ‘primo’ or ‘knock-off’ version of something that may have saved their lives.

Safety has ALWAYS been an ever-evolving science.

Give some credit to the advances, instead of the shitty alternative we’ve all lost a favorite driver to.

I didn’t read that he “used” his device? He never said that.

As a recent survior of a very nasty accident, where my head contacted the wall at around 120 mph, I would say that my head and neck restriant saved my life also. Now…I was wearing a Hutchins Device. I now were a Simpson Pro Rage!

Broken necks are very expensive…no matter what one one buy- BUY ONE!

They all have their differences, chose the one that best fits your racing.

If you buy a HANS, you have to have a full containment seat. A regular seat with a HANS will not support your neck if you’re hit from the side. Also, you have to make sure any device you use doesn’t get caught on a seat. When you make contact, your body also goes up, not just forward. If you have the wrong seat, the device can get caught on the back of the seat, causing an injury in itself.

John,this same individual sent me a nasty PM stating I am trying to “make money off of a kids death”…its guys like this moron that keep people with the means to help out from doing so. Do you remember the guy that showed up to Daytona , didn’t want to pay like everybody else, stiffed us on the RV rental, pigged out on the crawfish, got so drunk and obnoxious to the point that the kids had to leave the area and was thrown off the team for being an idiot? He was so trashed that he stayed the night in his car! This is the same guy! I am trying to do a good thing to help the younger drivers break into the sport and those that are currently, safer. Guys like Eddie Moran keep others from trying to do what I am doing and its a shame.If he is partial to HANS GREAT! Use your HANS device. Yes, you can buy used stuff on Ebay, I personally would never buy something like this used on Ebay for the sake of knowing that it hasn’t been used in a wreck and NOT recertified like the manufacturer suggests…this could have serious consequences. After a hard crash ALL of these units, regardless of who makes them, need to be sent back to the manufacturer and recertified. Its usually $15-20 bucks to do this and must be done to make sure that the unit is still in good working condition. I am not a “stocking dealer” for NecksGen and I order them as the orders come in and I do not need to make money off of those who don’t have any to begin with, I am just trying to help out. I wear a NecksGen, and I have many satisfied customers who absolutely love them. Is a HANS a good device…YES. Hutchinson…YES. Defenders…YES. What I am saying is that they ALL are SFI certified and are good products, its all about personal preference and what you want to buy. It all boils down to personal preference and what you are comfortable wearing. I have neck problems from an accident ( not race related) and my doctor told me that I had better have one on if I ever climbed back into a car. I personally like the NecksGen because it works well with the standard aluminum racing seat, provides great mobility and is lightweight. I tried the HANS a few years ago and it didn’t work well with my seat, that’s what moved me to the NecksGen. I know others who like the HANS, Defender and the Simpson Pro Rage. I don’t care what you buy, as long as it is something.

This is what the new NecksGen unit looks like:

Correct Winger

[QUOTE=Lizzard;143330]I would caution anyone from purchasing anything but a HANS device. They have proven to be life savers.


So have all the other units that are made and others that have posted in the this thread about their own experiences with different units. Here is a testing clip of the new Necksgen


Doesn’t look like a “knock off” to me. Your personal preference and opinion are just that…YOURS and some of YOUR comments and suggestions in this thread could get somebody seriously injured or killed. You really should know what you are talking about before you start giving “expert opinions” regarding devices that could possibly save your life in the event of an accident. Those are facts sir.


  1. I never slammed the HANS device.

  2. I said “older” not old, meaning design, not age of the unit. I prefer the sliding tether on the Necksgen that the original HANS did not have.

  3. You sir, are an idiot.


  1. I never slammed the HANS device.

  2. I said “older” not old, meaning design, not age of the unit. I prefer the sliding tether on the Necksgen that the original HANS did not have.

  3. You sir, are an idiot.[/QUOTE]

I think “idiot” is letting him off way too easy…a “special kind of stupid” is more befitting for a guy of his mentality.