Anyone have any Darrell Frye pictures?

Looking for some old pictures of Darrell Frye and his cars. He was my Boss for 8 years when I lived in FL, great dude and still has an extreme passion for racing. If anyone has anything I’d love to see it. He still has the body off his last car hanging in his personal shop.

[SIZE=“3”]From NSS July 15, 1989.[/SIZE]

That’s the only one we have also been able to find.

Nice topic I am also looking forward to see more old cars pictures because I also like old cars because they are just classics.

Some great old names in that report… none of which are currently active as drivers while several have since passed away… From time to time I see a “Dave Savicki” in the ARCA race reports who usually start and parks a car for one of the race teams… Dave ran the “Purple Plymouth” for years in the A-Bombers before switching to the Modifieds… I do believe he moved out of State and just wondering if this is the same guy…

Savicki 2.jpg