Race on Marty....

Just saw on a Facebook page, that Florida short track racing just lost one of its biggest fans and historians. Sad to hear that Marty Little passed away today. Prayers and love to Janet Little and Marty’s family.

Man I hate to hear that. Although it wasn’t unexpected. My heart goes out to Janet. If there’s racing in heaven Marty will be calling it! RIP brother!

This is a huge blow to the racing community that respects the life-long journalism that Marty did.
He was in a very small & select group that spent their lives learning all they could about our sport.
When Marty stated something… I always took it as gospel. The un-disputed truth, because Marty does it no other way. It’s researched, it’s verified, and it’s absolutely true.

Thank You Marty for being an inspiration in my life…
Janet… Thank You for sharing him with the rest of us…

For everyone in our big racing family at this sad time, would you consider the following? Is there something you can do to help our sport today? Is there a way that you can make it more enjoyable, more memorable or to leave it better than when you started? Marty Little spent a life-time in local racing where he wrote, archived, produced, announced, worked and assisted in hundreds of ways that we don’t even know about. A friend to all, a fan forever and an unwavering supporter.

He was blessed with the love and support of a wonderful wife Janet. By the way, for decades she also toiled for our benefit and for the love of racing. They both have earned our thanks and gratitude!

Racing is better because of Marty. Is there something we can do too?

First and foremost, Janet you are in my prayers. I had the pleasure of knowing Marty for almost 30 years. We both grew up attending Eau Gallie speedway as teenagers. I came too know Marty through a ad he ran in NSSN seeking memorabilia from Eau Gallie and Orlando speedways. We spent many hours discussing the tracks and the people involved. I will cherish these times and the memorabilia we swapped. Beyond that Marty gave his heart and soul to the promotion of and the history of late model racing in the state of Florida. I hope and pray that the late model racing community can find some way to commemorate all that he did in their behalf. God speed old friend.

A lot of history has left us. R.I.P.

RIP Marty, my friend.

Marty was one of my dearest friends in racing… Our lives really patterned each other although he was a bit older than me… We grew up watching races in Central Florida and had some of the same heroes who we not only got to watch race, but became friends with as well… We both were in the U. S. Air Force for a few years and both ended up in South Florida where Marty stayed while I moved back to the Orlando area… We both became track announcers and writers and PR guys and enjoyed working together many times along with sharing and working with the history of our sport…
This leaves a huge void for me and many others who knew this great guy and will I ever miss him… My heart goes out to Janet and his family…

God speed Marty! Thank you for helping make our sport be better. Thoughts and prayers to Janet and Marty’s friends and family. This a great loss for our racing family!

Services for Marty are this Friday, April 18, at Fred Hunter Funeral Home from 6 - 9 pm. It is located at University Dr. and Nova Rd. in Davie.

RIP Mr Little…

We never met in person but thanks to KARNAC I was able to enjoy just a small taste of your keen insight and love for racing.

Thank you so much for that gift.

My thoughts and prayers are with Janet and the rest of your family during this trying time.

Godspeed, good sir.

Matt Thornton

Condolences to Marty’s family and friends.

Link to Marty’s obituary:


In the obit, Marty requested donations go to the Victory Junction Gang (a racing charity that benefits sick kids). Here is a link to the V.J.G. where you can find some info about memorial gifts.