THIS is bad-ass....

Man would I love to see a field of cars that looked like this.

Want one!:ernaehrung004:

When my dad was building his sportsman we looked into putting a 57 chevy body on it … way to expensive and non durable…went with the wedge style instead. The sportsman class is the only class running that all the cars don’t look the same. 16 cars at NSS Saturday and they all had their own flair to them…even the ABC bodied car looked different than the rest, just not the same as all of them.

That car is very nice.


Jerry found the guy in Michigan that makes them,friend of an old friend of my dad. Maybe in the works for a new look?
Rick m
He also does a 55 which I would lean towards.

Fireball, give us some pics and / or contact info please.

Evans Bros Racing
it’s an open page on face book.
pics of the 55 and 57.

hope that helps.:ernaehrung004: