***2011 Larry Shaw OWM***

2011 Larry Shaw OWM

-Low Drag QuickChange
-Bert Ball spline, Bellhousing, Starter
-Low Friction Bearings
-Adjustable HOWE Drop-in Ball joints
-Genesis Shocks
-Landrum Springs
-TearDrop Fuel Cell
-OutPace Bars and Heims
-Elec RF Brake Shutoff
-Adjustable Pedals
-Black Hot MSD Ignition Setup
-Digital Tel Tac

Top of the line with multiple Feature Wins and Ready to Win again!

$8,000 Rolling Minus Engine, Tranny, and Shocks!
$9,000 including Genesis Shocks, Bert Tranny, Bellhousing, and Starter!


Can text/email more pics!

I know we have talked a bit about your asphalt mod and I still haven’t had time to call ya (lol…very sorry just always busy with family).

With that said, the guy who does my shocks back in Michigan has hinted to me giving dirt a try in something good and competitive with other cars & lately, I have pondered the thought of maybe trying it. I have only run dirt one time and it was a horrible experience with myself not even close to prepared for the dust, dirt and clay balls flying in and hitting me in a single layer fire suit. the car was an asphalt car that the guy decided to run some big end of season show and, needless to say, the car was even worse prepared. I always go watch sprints and outlaw late models and think it is awesome racing to watch. However, after my horrible experience, I pretty much gave up on the thought of ever pursuing running a few seasons.

anyways, are any of these new prices come turn key, race ready and with any additional spare parts…(wheels, gears, suspension parts, etc)? is your price negotiable as well? thanks

Call me and we will talk. I have three modifieds and multiple engines. We can put something together.

TTT Still for sale!

TTT Need to make room for new car!


Call John

Anyone looking for a top of line dirt mod?