This Is Pretty Neat

Got this from our promotions department…

NASCAR can move pretty fast when they have to. We’re all watching the Indy 500 Qualifying this weekend when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announces how many nationally known sports venues can fit inside the Speedway. One of the NASCAR Promotions minions slaps his forehead and says " why didn’t we think of that, let’s pretend we did and announce our own on Monday".
The inside of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is really something to see, and so is the size of Daytona.
I’m assuming that the numbers 3,4,5,and 6 sports venues in the Daytona photo represent swimming facilities.

That is pretty cool Dave, but the Bithlo Chamber of Commerce, Pawn Shop and Bail Bond center did a similar project for Speedworld. It turns out that 5 of the local trailer parks can fit in the infield!

osw tp2.jpg

That’s hilarious Boneman! Question is how many of the trailers are vacant, condemned or meth labs???:aetsch013:

All of them

Thats part of the reason for the aerial view

Who wants to be on the ground in the middle of it when it blows up? HEY WAIT A MINUTE !!! Thats MY trailer !!!