To clear up tech rumor for Coulter Pro-Truck Series !

Wanted to clear up something that drivers are being told or have heard. Ricky Brooks is not doing tech for our truck series, he is also not doing tech for Auburndale Speedway on regular racing events. He was hired to do the Late Models tech and race direct.
Now while I state this I will say that I respect Ricky and his knowledge of teching, and his firmness. So this is not a negative against him. And I believe in tough, firm and fair tech for everyone. So for those that are saying this, he will not be doing tech for our races. Thanks

He is certainly very good at etching, especially with and Etch-A-Sketch!


What do you mean Dave :wink:

I see you fixed your post… you had etching then changed it to teching…

Good thing!

If you didn’t clarify, most of them wouldn’t show. It wouldn’t look good having 9 of 10 tossed out when you have the real deal looking at the motors. Obviously you had a few question if Mr Brooks was going to be snooping around at tech!

Dave, it wasn’t “etching”, it was itching. The way I understood it was that Ricky Brooks is itching to tech the trucks, but I don’t want to get any rumors started.

trucked up

This is the main reason I am shying away from building a truck. I personally feel that 3/4 of the trucks could not pass having Ricky Brooks cam doctor there cams. And you are 100% correct Rick, if you were to say he was going do tech, 1/2 the trucks would not show up. I went and looked at a truck, the other night to buy, and the first thing the guy says to me is the tach is off by about 1500-2000 rpm’s to pass tech. I was like what? He says everybody does it, so the vacuum comes up close?? I think the truck series would have double the amount of trucks, they have now, had they been more strict with the rules. But at this point you would have to start from ground zero. I am thinking about a modified now, engine does not seem to be a big issue, in that class because of the tire size? Vince

Just mention Ricky Brooks and they get scared. Seems to me they must be CHEATERS!!!
Good luck Rick Bristol and your truck series.
Jacob Warren


No one asked me that they just were saying that the release said one thing or they just thought one thing. I was trying to clear up that the release said for the Late Models, Rex told me the same thing.

It is not to scare anyone or not scare anyone?it is to clear up rumors and incorrect information. We are teching and will tech, but we have a process and how we do it, that is for our series. We have already DQ’d and offense and we will continue to tech and be firm with the rules.

I wish people would just race, have fun?..get the info straight and quit spreading untrue things and trying to stir things up this is not good for racing period !


What the heck!

Your right, it is for fun and this is. No disrespect to your tech person, but when he (Ricky) checks a lower class that’s not use to someone with his knowledge looking at there at stuff, it is entertaining. Your series as well as other classes would cringe pushing there ride up in front of him. If they don’t, they will after they go threw tech. Entertainment would be if he’s there, ask him to help out.

Carl Green

Is Carl Green Joeys father in law ? Is that really what Joey and I want projected to the public ? Do you really think people are stupid ? Let me think about this , Auburndale , Rick Bristol , Carl Green , Rex Guy ! Nope I will pass ! Good Luck ! Think about what your telling people . You and Joey I should say .

I never caught the connection … now I do.

Not to judge anything, but I just didn’t think about this angle.

Clear it up

Let Ricky Brooks tech the trucks and direct the race and stay out of it . If you and the whole team want to be honest and prove to the owners, fans , promoters, drivers, fans and Joey and I back off and askRicky to do the Late Models and tucks .

I was at first two races and did not see Carl Green. It looked like the track tech was doing the tech for series with there help. Some people would rather complain and try and hurt the sport instead of supporting it.

Hope everyone gets out to a local short track near you.

Wow some people will just do anything to bash people !

  1. We are using the tech people at each track, I oversee and make the final calls. This is the way Joey and I decided to do it this year.

  2. Carl Green is someone who I have worked with for years and you saying bad things about him does not change my opinion of him, and he is a good fair tech guy.

  3. Rex and I do not always agree on things, but I am able to talk to him about it and we remain able to work together. He lets our series and charity run there and has been supportive and in no way has interferred with either and that is the facts.

  4. I run the series for Joey because he wanted me to, I get paid no money, I do this for the love of the trucks and racing. He wants this to fair and wants it to be built and go to a new level and we are working hard on that.

So I say to those who want to bash, dont come, dont support it, that is your choice, but let the rest of us work at it, race and have fun.
I try to treat everyone with respect, fair and firm. I care more about the people than the racing, while I love racing my heart is with helping people, and caring for them. There is not one person even if they have called me every name in the book, bashed me on here I would not help if they needed and asked me !


Rick ,you said you run the series for Joey ,but in your header it reads Owner / president. has to be one or the other.


If you want to help…properly tech! I am not nor have i bashed you on here. thicken your skin a little and stop being so offended.

good luck with your truck race, i hope you have a successful night of racing.

Dave 41, Benny

Dave…that is for the Charity Foundation sir. I am the series director for Joey to clear that up.

Benny we do tech, and will continue to. I have think skin have you seen how fat I am :slight_smile: Just get tired of people stating thinks that are not true…I was meaning you in particular in bashing…it just heppens alot on here.

We care a great deal and if I had a bunch of money invested and got paid a lot of money people could say I had motives etc. But seriously I do it for the trucks, racing and the love of it. So it gets old to hear all the junk all the time. People are welcome to come watch how we are doing things and the it may be clearer, it is working and will get better as we go. Thanks