World Product Heads

World Product Heads… Angle Plug… Just Gone Thru By RPM Machine Shop. $800.00 with Screw In Studs & Guide Plates

Angle Plug Heads


What… Come on

This is why competent engine builders get a bad name from story tellers or
People who try to sell stuff that it isn’t. If rpm put those out that is really sad. 1. Should have been completely disassembled. 2. Hot tanked 3. Guides checked and bronze liners replaced and correct stem clearance. 4. Recut seats and or replace as necessary as to hot tank again before assembly. 5. At the bare minimum keep installed ht of valve spring within .005 of installed ht. 6. Discard old junk valve springs and keepers. 7. Never would a professional shop(well I guess not this shop) at any time use an abrasive disk on the deck of the head. Look into a subscription or borrow a copy from your local engine shop if you can’t get onto The installed hrs are all over the place. Do you even know the seat pressures of those valve springs or open pressure at a specified ht. so look at the pictures and tell everyone again who just built those you should really think about what your selling your racing family members bro. THIS IS A GREAT EXAMPLE of why great builders get a bad rap. It’s unfair to rpm for you to say they just went thru those heads. WOW …