Sand Mountain Speedway

I see they’ve started a Facebook page for Sand Mountain in Ft. Meade Fl.

This is a 1/3 mile dirt track that never got the permitting to have Stock car races. Now, they are announcing that this will be a 1/3 mile ASPHALT track with plans to open in June of next year.

It will be interesting to see if this project gets legs and turns into reality.

Just took a look at their website they have 16 classes listed.

Ariel pic

I can’t wait!!!
I will go.

This is great news!

I hope

That there is some truth to this and not just a rumor or empty talk

Everything in this post is 100% true.
1.They have a website.
2. Was a dirt track that tried to go it without permits and got shutdown.
3. They are announcing “plans” to build a beautiful state of the art track opening next year.
4. We wait :slight_smile:

wish them the very best, but being from the area and seeing what they have now, ain’t going to happen.

Sandmountain Speedway

I certainly hope this takes off. The track will be ten minutes from my house.

It would be great to have another track in florida

Looks like website and Facebook page are now MIA…

I saw a while back on their Facebook page that they were pushing the opening back to June of 16’, and then the page disappeared and they stopped posting updates. All of the stuff posted initially looked great on paper but based on what I saw from what the owners posted and had to say on the pages, it didn’t seem like they had their ducks in a row.

If this is what they are claiming, it sounds like a bad start already. Say 15 cars in their top 4 division, that’s 60 cars. Then 8 per class in the other 12 classes is 96. That 's 156 cars! Considering what existing asphalt tracks are pulling now, that sound wildly optimistic. If your talking about the 3 -5 cars per class at other tracks, who the h–l is going to pay to watch that, other than relatives and close friends of the competitors.

I wish them well but I hope that the rest of their plans are a little more down to earth.