New Smyrna Speedway Rained out 5/31

New Smyrna Speedway is rained out for tonight. Everyone have a great week and hope to see you next week!

Kim, Is the open engine modified race for tonite going to be rescheduled as this was a make up race already?


They posted on facebook that a reschedule date would be announced Monday…

Yes David it sure will. I just have to look at everyone’s schedules tomorrow. Will get it posted as soon as I know. Hope to see you!

Dave needs as much advance notice as possible for his excuse of why he won’t be there…!!!

FYI A*s H**e, oh I mean 118, Was loaded up and ready to go. 118, FYI, Probably won’t be there personally if it is rescheduled within the next 2 month’s but the car will be. So you can plan your pathetic life schedule if you are sooo worried about me racing my car! Now if you want to donate money, I’ll gladly race more often.

Dave paying any mind to some non racing drunks is like washing ur hands with gloves on.
A waist of time and good water.
Good luck at the track.


Thanks Don. At least you understand where I come from.