6/7/14 Non Wing Sprints Citrus Count Speedway

Bring your Dad out to the races this weekend and enjoy some great reacing with him.

The place to drive :auto003: on out to this saturday night is Citrus County Speedway all Father General Addmission is only $8.00 6/7/14 with the great return action of the Non Wing Sprints Cars along with the following other classes

street stocks
pure stocks
mini stocks
pure/street stock figure 8
Cars of yesteryear

Dont miss out on this great action this Satyrday night 6/7/14

check out the web site for any other information rules payouts,times etc www.citruscountyspeedway.com

non wing sprints

how do they determine the starting line up for the sprint cars.

Taylor they do it by points if I am not mistake low point to front leader starts 12 or so. Like tbara does its line up