Attention all Bomber cars!!!

Desoto Bombers!!!
you ask for the class and Desoto brought them back, you are up this Saturday with the big show, Supers & Sprints.
so lets show your support and get the cars out there this week is your chance to put on a good show in front of a good crowd!! who is all in???
Rules are on our website under drivers info tab



I heard Brian Finney was running this weekend in the bombers . He is a ringer from the Arca Series . :auto003::auto003:

open practice Friday, pits open at 4:00
Pits open Saturday at 1:30
call for a slab if your racing 941-748-3171

Bombers 25 Laps & heats

  1. 250.00
  2. 200.00
  3. 175.00
  4. 150.00
  5. 125.00
  6. 100.00
  7. 75.00
  8. 60.00 through the field