Showtime Speedway Racing Association

Showtime Speedway is starting the Association back up. It will be formatted just like the old GRA and SSRA that was at Sunshine Speedway over the years.

We are looking for people to help get the Association up and running again and a President to head up the Association.

People interested in joining can email Robert at

Thanks again for your interest and support of Showtime Speedway and the Speedway Family.

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Rick, what is the purpose of an association like that? Is it a social thing? Do they help out around the track?

I know you asked Rick, however I would like to say one thing about the past Sunshine associations. Their main thing was to take care of the year end award banquet. Nice job each year. Some years they would have 600 or more people. The trophies, started at 6 foot down to about 3 foot. They would pay for the awards by 50/50 during the season. Always seem like a fun time had by all.

Where are the results posted now for Showtime Speedway ? I used to find them on Speednet Direct they haven’t been updated for a few weeks. Just wondering, Thanks