WACKY racing! Would you do it???

Would you compete in races like this?




Would prefer a V8 something, but if someone has a safe car and a helmet held out, I probably will climb in.

It looks like a lot of fun. I like races like this because its all about having fun and enjoying yourself. And of course its different than the norm. Fans enjoy these as well (Crash-o-Rama for example)

I am just curious if it’s something that guys would do on a weekly basis if it was part of a show. We have something up here called Wild and Wacky Wednesdays at the Waterford Speedbowl.

They run Legends and Bandos as well as 2 full sized divisions that are called X Car and Super X. X Cars are Saturns, 240s, Civics etc basically similar to the 4cyl classes down there. OEM Chassis with a cage on street tires with no modifications allowed to engine or suspension other than adding camber and changing spring rates around. Then they have Super X which seems very close to a Strickly Stock down there. Very successful shows and they run a WACKY race with either the X car or Super X every night they run with different themes. Flagpole races, Cone races, Phonebooth races etc.

I just wonder if it would help draw the family entertainment crowd and maybe help get more people back to the tracks and maybe interested in going to attend bigger shows with OWM, SLM etc.