Citrus County Gear

I have a Ford Mod Mini with a 2300 and want to run Citrus this year. I currently have a 2.14 tranny with a 3.45 rear gear for Adale and was told I can run that at Citrus too. Other posts I read on here said they run a 3.27 rear gear. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks

Any help guys?

how many rpm you wanna turn.most guys run a 3.27 with a 2.14 tranny

8000-8200. With the 3.45 rear gear will I be turning it more than 8200? I have the 2.14 granny already.

I run a 3.08 with a 2.14 and turn about 7500 runs.good

Do you run up front? I just don’t want to buy the gear and then then it not be enough. I would like to do it right the first time. Thanks for the info

Citrus Gear

The best gear for citrus is a 3.27 with the 2.14 tranny.

Thanks. That’s what I heard for the most part. Anybody have a 3.27 for a 7.5 rear?